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Tesla AI Day #2 on Aug 19: Here Are The Cool Updates You Can Expect

Elon Musk has just announced the second Tesla AI, happening two months later on August 19. Musk is going to show off all the techy AI stuff happening in the company. The second AI day is another shot for him to draw the attention of the masses toward AI products.

The witty billionaire has been trying for a few months now to market the revolutionary products from the Tesla AI factory. However, not many are buying his efforts even after such a massive fan following. No matter what, he would keep at it to draw attention to Tesla bots and other products.

Tesla AI 2022 Highlights

Musk tweeted about the Tesla AI #2 hinting toward some unexpected news in the event. However, not much is hidden from the Tesla fans as they are seen waiting for Musk to confirm several inclusions of the event. Musk said, “Tesla AI Day #2 on Aug 19. So many cool updates!”

Tesla AI Day #2

Dave Lee, YouTube channel host, and Tesla investor questioned Musk on whether the event would show any sneak preview of the upcoming Tesla Bot. To which Musk replied nodding yes to the news.

Tesla Optimus is a much-celebrated attempt of Tesla to offer humanoid robots to the masses. Musk has widely promoted Optimus to be something that is going to change everyone’s lives. Musk said,

“The importance of Optimus will become apparent in the coming years. Those who are insightful or listen carefully will understand that Optimus ultimately will be worth more than the car business, worth more than FSD,” Musk said while pointing toward the usefulness of the AI in the future.

Optimus is a prime attention project of Elon Musk that he says is going to replace the human need in his factories. Last year’s AI event was dedicated to Optimus, a Tesla bot, to show what AI can do to replace humans. The Optimus bot is designed as a robot in a human avatar six feet high and weighing 125 machines. The robot is a replica of humans, just like a human wearing a robotic suit.

Users & Fan’s Reactions

Numerous users of social media responded to the news with diverse reactions. Some even joked on the news as Watcher Guru’s Twitter handle tweeted asking Musk when is going to be doge day. While others questioned when they would get their cars as the Shanghai unit has resumed production.

One Reddit user, Hobojo153 said the event is going to be about the robot but also contemplated some talks on full self-drive or FSD talks. He said,

“I would expect this to be more about the robot. If they do talk about FSD it will likely be about it going wide, and maybe a roadmap towards L3+. Personally, my bet is this year’s big feature is Park Seek Mode and maybe a wide release of the beta, next year we get NoA zones as L3. Then either late that year or sometime next City Streets are opened to that (based on where collected L2 data shows it requires no serious interventions).”

The mixed reaction puts a question mark on the image of Elon Musk as well as some assume this would be just a prop show. One user commented on the news betting $100 for not seeing a functional prototype of Optimus in the event. Reddit user Zargawi said,

“Lol. Who wants to bet $100 we do not see a functional prototype of Optimus (as promised in the announcement)? A 5’8″ humanoid robot with a carrying capacity of 45lbs, that can walk around? I’m talking bare minimum here. You think in 1 year they went from an idea and a manikin/spandex suit to a functioning prototype because they have car parts that can also make a robot, when BD had been working on Atlas since 2013?I believe in Tesla, I have FSD, but get real!”

The user reaction shows a different side of the story as many are excited for the event hoping for some interesting turnout, but some are still questioning Elon Musk’s promise for the Tesla bot.

What To Expect In Future?

Tesla is a promising brand that is producing some cutting-edge tech and products for the market. Tesla cars and FSD are a popular feat of Elon Musk and therefore it is going to be interesting, even to say the least. However, many are still waiting for their Tesla EV delivery, and there is a significant lot that is criticizing Musk’s endeavors.

Tesla fans are waiting for the newest updates from Musk, and the event would help them understand the situation happening in Tesla more with it. Hopefully, the event would help Musk position his Tesla bot right in the eyes of investors and sort talent recruitment.

Comment down below what are your views on the Tesla AI #2 by Elon Musk this year.

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