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Tesla Model Y In-Depth Long Term 18,000 Miles Review, Is Tesla Model Y Worth Buying?

The Tesla Model Y was arguably the carmaker’s most important model, at least till the Cybertruck is launched. It is safe to say that the Model Y has been a success. The sales of the Model 3 and Y account for a whopping 90% of the total sales in 2020. While the Model 3 is posting higher numbers right now, the Model Y has been very popular.

18,000 Miles later, Is Tesla Model Y worth buying?

A YouTube video was recently posted which highlighted the good and the bad parts of the Tesla Model Y after using it for 18,000 miles. Such reviews are particularly helpful for prospective buyers. This is because they tell them what to expect a year or two after purchasing the car. This review is definitely one of the better ones on the internet as it highlights both, the positives and the negatives of the car.

The Positives

The review highlights one specific point multiple times. It is that this is the only option in the market at this price point. At a price of around $50,000, there are no other electric vehicles. Especially none which can compete with the Model Y when it comes to performance, range, and value. This means that the Model Y is enjoying its own private monopoly right now which makes it an even easier car to opt for. This Model Y is the Long Range spec and its vital statistics are an EPA rated 326-mile range, 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds, and a solid 75 kWh battery. These specs at this price point make it a very value-for-money offering, purely by looking at the stats on paper.


The Model Y is not a very traditional-looking SUV. It has a crossover silhouette and does not try to be butch and intimidating. However, it is still a very handsome car with some clean lines and attractive color combinations. While the slightly quirky dimensions may not appeal to everyone’s eyes, there is no denying that the Model Y does turn heads everywhere. This specific model with its 20-inch wheels looks even better. The bigger wheels have the same color as the accents and the door handles which lends it a sportier look. The 20-inch wheels have other effects but we will get to those later.


Another place where the Model Y scores a lot of points is performance. This is not just comparing it to cars at that price point, this is in general. Despite not being the Performance variant, this car will pull away from traffic like a rabbit. The sheer surge of acceleration is addictive and the car has a strong pull all the way to the 155 mph top speed. While such antics can have a knock-on effect on battery life, the large 75 kWh battery means that owners will hardly ever face range issues in the city conditions.

We haven’t mentioned the tech in general which is present in the car but that is because it is now very well known that Teslas have a fantastic suite of electronics and technology on offer. This coupled with the OTA updates makes the car a tech fest.

The negatives

As with all cars, there are two sides to the coin. Along with all the positives, come a few negatives. While the car, in general, excels in most parameters, there are a few places where it does fall short.

Build quality

As with all Teslas, the build quality on this car is nothing special. There are a lot of panel gaps and some of the bodywork does not fit flush. The bonnet on this car is slightly askew and is visibly offset to one end. The owner had reported the issue to Tesla and they said that they had fixed it but it still persists.

The right rear door sounds slightly flimsy while closing it. The reassuring ‘thunk’ that we expect from doors is missing. Surprisingly, this is only for that door. The rest of the doors do not have this issue.

Ride Quality

The ride quality on the Model Y is not as comfortable as it should be. This is down to two main factors: the slightly firm suspension setup and the 20-inch wheels. The suspension is firm to counter the weight which is in excess of 4,400 pounds. This means that the car is not as supple as a Mercedes or an Audi. The 20-inch wheels add to this problem. For all cars, the bigger the wheels get, the poorer ride quality gets. This is because the thickness of the rubber that envelopes the wheels reduces due to their size. The big wheels and the stiff suspension together mean that the Model Y has a less than desirable ride quality.

The big wheels also mean an increase in weight. This means that technically they could reduce the range of the car. However, this difference is negligible and won’t really affect the car as such.

Lack of luxury

Tesla cars have spartan interiors which feature mainly the big touchscreen and nothing else. While this might appeal to the fans of minimalistic design, the cabin sorely lacks some of the luxury quotients that the German cars have. You cannot help but feel that a little more attention could be paid to the interiors of this car.

Our Opinion

The Tesla Model Y is a solid car. It has a great powertrain, excellent performance, good range, and offers extreme value for money. However, it also has questionable build quality, no real luxury on offer, and doesn’t feel as good a car as many of its competitors. But these competitors are merely similar in price. In terms of having a zero-emissions, green car there is no competition at this price point to the Tesla Model Y. The monopoly that it currently enjoys over this market means that even if the car has its quirks, people interested in entering this segment do not have any other option.

So love it or hate it, this car is definitely going to be a success. It is already ringing the cash registers at Tesla and will keep doing that for some time.

You can watch the full review of the car here

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