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Tesla’s New Firmware Hints at Range Boost for Model Y

The Tesla Model Y is set to get a firmware update which could include a new efficiency package, according to leaked reports. A Tesla hacker has reportedly found evidence of an efficiency package ‘MY_2021’. This was found in the upcoming firmware update 2020.44.15. This could hint towards a possible range extension for Tesla’s electric SUV.

Tesla’s New Firmware Hints at Range Boost for Model Y

Reasons To Believe This Theory

The hacker in question, “Greentheonly”, has a history of hacking into firmware updates prior to their releases. This can be validated by the fact that he had also spotted a similar range extension coming up for the Model 3. The refreshed version, which was unveiled last month, saw an increase in the Model 3’s range. The Standard Plus, Performance and Long Range Plus variants got an increase of 13 miles (21 km), 16 miles (26 km) and 31 miles (50 km) respectively. This was already known to the Tesla experts, thanks to ‘Mr Green’.

At the time of the launch of the 2021 Model 3, Tesla did not reveal the real reason for this range boost. It was later reported that it received a bigger battery pack, with a capacity of 82 kWh. However, many people are still stating that there is a new efficiency package in place in the newest deliveries of Model 3. And now, Mr Green suggests that a similar efficiency package is coming in the Model Y. Tesla, as always, hasn’t officially commented on this matter.

Another logical reasoning behind this update is the similarities seen between the Model 3 and Model Y. Pretty much everyone knows that the Model Y is based on Model 3. 70% of the parts are the same in both vehicles. And Tesla has been adopting a lot of changes from one car into the other. So if the Model 3 did receive a new efficiency package in the 2021 refresh, it is more or less evident that the Model Y will receive it eventually.

Tesla Model Y

The Model Y was released last year, and Tesla started deliveries this March. Even then, they have already started rolling out updates for it. Just last month, both versions of the electric SUV saw an increase in the range:

  • Tesla Model Y Long Range Dual Motor: now 325 miles up from 316 miles
  • Tesla Model Y Performance: now 303 miles up from 291 miles

If the news of this efficiency package is true, then expect this figure to go up further. Furthermore, the release of this new efficiency package could coincide with that of the seven-seater option in the Model Y. Elon Musk had mentioned last month that Tesla will begin production of the seven-seater Model Y in November. Early deliveries are expected to happen around Christmas.

The seven-seater option does pull more customers to the Model Y than the five-seater does. After all, it gives a more family-car feel and is better suited for long road trips. And if the efficiency package does add some more miles to the battery, then it definitely will bring in some extra business. Tesla already has the seven-seat option ready on its configurator, but it hasn’t been activated yet. it can be availed by customers by paying roughly $3,000 more.

Our Opinion

A range increase always makes customers happy, and it is no wonder that Tesla sticks to this strategy. Time and again, they have provided their users with such range bumps and kept them engaged. However, their silence on the efficiency package topic means that we cannot say anything for sure. Maybe they will just start delivering newer Model Ys with more energy-dense battery packs, as they did with the 2021 Model 3.

A change in hardware means that only new customers will be able to avail the extended range. On the other hand, an efficiency package is linked to software, which means that a software update will end up benefitting all customers. One thing is for sure though. Now that the Model 3 has received an update, it means that a Model Y update isn’t far off.

Mihir Tasgaonkar
Mihir Tasgaonkar
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