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Tesla Model 2 Revealed: Guide to Latest News, Specs, Design, Price and Features

While the Cybertruck gets a lot of attention, Tesla is also working on something big in the background. The Tesla Model 2, and it’s going to be a more affordable Tesla. They believe it will outsell all their other cars put together.

But what’s the big deal with this Model 2, and why aren’t they talking about it more openly? It’s like a hidden surprise from Tesla. Let’s find out more about the hidden Tesla treasure in this article as we try and uncover some news.

Tesla Model 2
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Tesla Model 2 Latest News

Elon Musk himself described it as “utilitarian,” emphasizing the focus on simple design, efficient manufacturing, and affordability. It’s all about keeping things fresh and accessible for everyone.

The Tesla Model 2, or whatever they end up calling it eventually, is going to make a big splash in the world of electric cars. It’s going to be cheap, which means more people can afford it, and it’ll help Tesla stay strong in the electric car business.

The Model 2 aims to be the top choice for folks looking for a lower-priced electric car or a Tesla. If Tesla succeeds in having a good range and cool tech features at the said price, it’d be a strong rival to cars like the Chevy Bolt EV.

The Model 2 is a crucial part of Tesla’s plan to grow, especially in places like China where they face more competition. Because it’s more affordable, it’s easier and cheaper to make. This matches what Elon Musk wants, which is to make things more efficient.

Tesla’s Next Project Aims to Revolutionize Affordable, Mass-Market EVs

So, the Model 2 could help Tesla make a lot more cars and stay at the top of the electric car game, all while making electric cars more available to lots of people. With all the hype around Cybertruck and the fact, that Elon wants an affordable version out, fuels Model 2’s sooner launch. Here’s a possible Model 2 specification update based on various sources!

Tesla Model 2 Design

Have you seen the Aptera design photos? The teardrop design could very well be the crucial element of the Tesla Model 2. Why?

Arguably, the teardrop shape is the cherry-on-the-top of the car world, strutting its usefulness as the most aerodynamic design. This streamlined feature is like the supermodel of the automotive runway, showing off that minimizes drag, especially important for electric cars where the range is as precious as a golden ticket.

The Model 2 could just be the next big thing, flaunting the teardrop shape and proving that form and function can coexist in perfect harmony under a tight budget.

Tesla Model 2 Concept

An image found in Walter Isaacson’s book appears to depict a potential mock-up of a Model 2, sparking intriguing insights. This image showcases what appears to be a three-wheeled, teardrop-shaped vehicle, hinting at a departure from conventional automobile design.

Drag Coefficient

Though the actual vehicle might still be in the oven, there’s a tantalizing sneak peek at what Tesla might cook up. Aptera knows that in the realm of vehicle efficiency, drag coefficients reign supreme.

Aptera Motors

The Aptera is a car that’s built to slip through the air with minimal resistance, which makes it super efficient. What’s really cool is that it has a lot of space in the back, so if you have a lot of stuff to carry, it’s a great choice. Plus, it’s perfect for anyone who wants a car with lots of room for storage, and it can charge itself using solar power when it’s parked

It’s all about how smoothly the wind cuts through those sleek contours. To put it in perspective, while a Toyota Corolla struts with a 0.29 drag coefficient and the Tesla Model 3 wows at 0.23, the Aptera sashays with a jaw-dropping 0.13.

If that doesn’t impress you, consider this: the bottlenose dolphin, rocks a 0.1. So, when it comes to cutting through the air, even Mother Nature might tip her hat to the teardrop.

When McLaren embarked on creating their fastest road-ready car, they didn’t stop at fine-tuning the engine; they transformed the car’s very shape.

The McLaren Speedtail is a stunning example of this design approach, with its sleek and streamlined profile. Its elongated tail, the absence of traditional side mirrors, and the addition of an aerodynamic front wheel cover all serve as proof of the teardrop design’s innovative philosophy.

Dimensions and Frunk

Reimagining the conventional four-door layout, and opting for a two-door configuration in the Model 2 could simplify its design and potentially lower manufacturing costs. Additionally, considering the primary purpose of the front trunk (frunk) in electric vehicles is storage.

Tesla Robotaxi Concept

Tesla might explore the idea of doing away with it altogether. This concept brings to mind Volkswagen’s bold 1-litre car with gullwing doors and a futuristic design, which sure boggles with your mind breaking old automotive norms.

A more contemporary reference, the Aptera, a two-door, two-seater vehicle, offers storage space but not to the extent of a Model 3. Given that the Model 2 aims to be a straightforward point A to point B car as clearly stated by Elon, the question arises: how much storage space is truly necessary?

Well for a $25000 EV, we say, Who cares for front space? Just give us a damn Tesla now! Why a smaller Model 2 is a big deal is best understood with the comment made by a Reddit user, Lordofthereef, saying,

“I feel like the model 2 will need To be smaller. Otherwise, it would severely cannibalize model 3 sales.”

byu/eddiegeezee from discussion

Tesla Model 2 Price: $25000 Miracle

During the 2020 Annual Shareholder Meeting and Battery Day, Tesla unveiled plans for a groundbreaking $25,000 entry-level model. This highly affordable price point represents a critical puzzle piece in Tesla’s ambitious strategy to dominate the electric vehicle landscape.

Tesla Model 2 Structural Battery Pack

Tesla has been strategically expanding its presence across the market spectrum, with the Model Y and Model 3 emerging as best-sellers in the industry, the Model S Plaid impressing as one of the fastest electric sports cars, and the Cybertruck promising to redefine off-roading for electric vehicles.

The upcoming Robo Taxi and Tesla Semi also holds the potential to revolutionize the taxis and trucking sector. With the Model 2, Tesla could deliver a masterstroke in its ongoing campaign to lead the electric vehicle sector and reach an even broader global audience, making electric cars more accessible and popular than ever before.

Tesla Model 2 Specs and Performance

When contemplating the design possibilities for the Model 2, it’s essential to consider the innovative blend of aesthetics and efficiency that Tesla has already achieved with the Model 3’s aero wheels, which can enhance range by up to 3.4%.

Taking cues from this success, the Model 2 could explore more ambitious approaches, such as fully enclosing the wheels or adopting groundbreaking designs akin to the McLaren Speedtail’s aerodynamic front wheel covers. This opens the door for even more advanced possibilities, mirrorless design or even adding some fender skirts.

The main goal of Tesla here is to make Model 2 really cheap to buy and own. This means it will have a smaller battery and a less powerful engine. It’s not a high-performance car, but it’s all about making electric cars more accessible and cost-effective for a lot of people, providing a practical and economical driving choice.

How that can be done? By choosing to design it smartly with aero wheels and all these shenanigans could help Tesla do just that!

Close to Mirrorless Cybertruck

Mirrors on cars create wind resistance, and if Tesla can convince the authorities, not having mirrors would make the Model 2 even sleeker. Using cameras instead of mirrors is not a new idea for Tesla as they did choose to go mirrorless on Cybertruck but authorities made Tesla put mirrors.

Still, Tesla could be the one to popularize this in mass-market EVs as the company has already been touting this as a feature for the Cybertruck. However, some jurisdictions require external mirrors.

At some point during the evolution of the car, regulators would eventually understand that cameras could be superior to mirrors. Right?

Tesla Model 2 Release Date

The release date of the Tesla Model 2 is a topic of considerable speculation and anticipation in the EV market. According to various sources, the Tesla Model 2 is expected to be released for sale either in late 2023 or early 2024, with production commencing in the first half of 2025. It is anticipated to be priced around $25,000, depending on the location

While there is a general consensus on the anticipated price point and some of the expected features of the Model 2, the exact release date ranges from late 2023 to 2025, with the likelihood of initial debuts in early 2024, and broader market release possibly in 2025

Why Is the Tesla Model 2 Important

Tesla is the big player in electric cars, but investors and Tesla lovers are getting a bit impatient. They expected more from Tesla and Tesla’s recent financial report, but the numbers weren’t as great as they’d hoped.

Sales of Models 3 and Y are doing well, but the Cybertruck is still not out, and a more affordable electric car is still on the to-do list. People are waiting for these new cars, and Tesla needs to keep up with the demand to stay on top in the electric vehicle world.

Cybertruck took a great toll on the company with launch and production hiccups. However, you would be surprised to know that the Cybertruck is by far the most searched upcoming electric vehicle on the internet. Beat that!

Tesla Model 3 made huge success on popularity front putting the company on a high pedestal. The Tesla Model 2 will put the company on a brand-new popularity scale with the massive sale possibility given the price tag.

The Tesla Model 2 will represent a substantial milestone for the company. Its affordability and potential to excel in the lower-priced electric vehicle market open new horizons for Tesla.

This is particularly significant as the company aims to expand its production and market reach, notably in competitive regions like China. With the Model 2, Tesla is not only offering a more budget-friendly option for a wider clientele but also positioning itself to maintain its industry dominance.

What to Expect in the Future

Notably, Aptera, a company known for its forward-thinking approach, also champions a three-wheeled configuration and boasts the lowest “rolling resistance,” which means it requires less energy to maintain consistent tire movement.

This reduction in wheels minimizes contact points where energy loss occurs, offering the potential for innovative design choices such as unique headlight arrangements or the elimination of a traditional trunk.

Aptera’s radically efficient design serves as an intriguing glimpse into the possibilities of out-of-the-box thinking for the upcoming Model 2 design.

As Tesla gears up to introduce an affordable compact car on par with the range offered by Aptera, it raises the question of Aptera’s place in the market. The challenge for Aptera lies in Tesla’s established brand and extensive customer base.

Tesla Model 2 Range and Battery

If Tesla can indeed offer a $25,000 vehicle with a competitive range, it could potentially draw many prospective buyers away from the solar-paneled Aptera, who might prioritize Tesla’s reputation and affordability.

The Model 2 is going to be one unique venture for Tesla, designed to be their most budget-friendly offering. With a rear-wheel-drive (RWD) configuration and LFP battery, it’s a no-frills, no-nonsense approach to electric mobility.

Tesla is not someone who pulls out things without any bells and whistles, look at anything that Elon Musk does! Everything is larger than life.

However, the primary objective here is to achieve unparalleled cost-efficiency, both in terms of initial purchase and long-term ownership costs with Model 2. The recent speculations add to the fuel claiming Tesla might just finally be making some progress on the sooner secret unveiling of the Model 2 along with Cybertruck.


Tesla’s Model 2 is getting ready to shake things up challenging the current status quo. As Tesla dives deep into making cars that are super-efficient and budget-friendly, the Model 2 is all set to carry on the tradition of Tesla’s groundbreaking ideas.

It’s not going to be just another Tesla but a Tesla that’s changing the affordable EV segment for good. So, get ready for a ride that’s not just about driving from point A to B but about acing a whole new trajectory of the automobile industry.

Tesla Model 2 is coming to make the future of the company even more electrifying, and we cannot wait to see some more details on how Tesla does it. Watch out this space for more leaked Tesla Model 2 speculations and photos.

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