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Polestar Precept Real Life Detailed Overview And Polestar’s Secret Performance-Based Car

The Swedish electric manufacturer Polestar has just unveiled their brand’s next vehicle after the Polestar 2 called the Precept at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2021. The car was unveiled on the web in its concept form due to the cancellation of the Geneva Motor Show in 2020. Since then it has gathered a very positive response and Polestar has said that it will begin the production of this vehicle soon. The vehicle will be aimed at the luxury segment targeting the likes of the Tesla Model S and Lucid Air. Its size is larger than the Tesla Model 3 and more in line with the Model S.

Polestar Precept

Polestar Precept Real Life Detailed Overview


The Precept has a slightly different design than the Polestar 1 and Polestar 2 but has the signature Volvo design element. In its headlights, it has Thor’s hammer design. The daytime running light is divided into two elements and Its grill has been changed to aid in aerodynamic efficiency. It also houses an array of sensors. The sides of the vehicle have very clean lines which house the rearview camera. The frame-less doors of the vehicle open in a way similar to how the doors of a Rolls Royce opens! Quiet luxurious I would say.

At the rear is has a very coupe-like design while still having four doors. The rear is a little bit similar to the Polestar 2 that we have seen earlier. The rear quarter of the car houses a neatly integrated led indicator displaying the charge on the car on both sides. Neat design element. The car has a single strip of LEDs running across the car.


Being a luxurious electric sedan Polestar has taken a very different approach in defining the luxurious interiors of a car. The huge portrait screen dominates the dash. It’s run by Android Automotive, Google’s take on the car OS for the future. All the reviewers who have used the screen have said that it’s one of the best if not the best car infotainment systems on a vehicle today. This system is very similar to the one on the Polestar 2 but with added features such as eye-tracking and proximity.

What eye-tracking does is it tracks your eyes as the name says and dims the screen if you’re not looking at it. It brightens up when you want to use it. This provides very little distraction to the driver. Proximity senses when a hand is approaching towards it and a few things occur. Firstly, the screen will show more information. Secondly, buttons and sliders enlarge for easier manipulation. Thirdly, the screen becomes brighter. As you don’t need to know everything while driving from the screen, the new Polestar display displays what you need to know, when you need to know.  Two front and two rear seats are going to be offered. At launch, it might also be offered in a bench seat configuration.


Instead of using wood and aluminum, Polestar has gone with the plastic made from 100% recycled pet bottles called 3D knit. This knitted fabric looks and feels premium and reduces waste. The interiors also include Nylon 6, a material fashioned from discarded fishing nets. The third material used is cork, along with bottle stoppers from the wine industry. The rear of the seat panels uses woven flax fibers from Bcomp, with their innovative poweribs material. All this use of innovative materials provides the passengers with a very luxurious cabin feel compared to its competitors. The top of the car is provided with a massive panoramic glass roof that extends to the rear boot.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

Like the Polestar 2, the Precept should have to offer all-wheel drive as standard by utilizing two electric motors, one on the front axle and one on the rear axle. The Polestar 2’s setup generates 402 HP and can accelerate the car to 60mph in 4.1s. Polestar may introduce a performance variant of the car in the future. This variant will compete with the segment leaders in performance the Model S and Taycan.

Range and Charging

Going to compete with the sedans in its segment should offer more or equal to 400 miles (644 km) per charge. Also Level 2 home charging and DC fast charging are going to be offered. Polestar has teamed up with ChargePoint in the US. They will provide charging stations in various cities across the US for Polestar.

Currently, Tesla has the best charging network. Polestar needs to increase its charging network to match its competition. As for an EV, range and charging network are its most important features. They will also need to provide fast chargers that charge the vehicle without making its owners wait for too long.


The Tesla Model S, Lucid Air, and the Porshe Taycan are the main competitors of the Precept. The Air has the highest battery capacity of 113kWh and a claimed range of 517 miles (833 km). The Model S has the second-highest battery capacity of 100kWh and a claimed range of 390 miles (627 km). The Porsche Taycan has the third-highest battery capacity of 79.2 kWh and a claimed range of 201 miles (323.5km) by EPA. The Precept should offer specifications that are more in line with the Porsche. As far as luxury goes the Porshe and Lucid have an edge. After we get to see the car in person we will get to know how luxurious Polestar has actually made it.

Polestar’s Secret Performance-Based Car

Secret Reveal

The secret car revealed by Polestar at the festival is a more performance-oriented Polestar 2 and a one-off commission specially for the Goodwood Festival of Speed.  It’s a prototype that has more race bits to make it go faster around a track.  At the front, it has a different splitter and a body-color grille.  For performance and handling parts it has a special Ohlins damper. They make the ride stiffer by 80% at the front and 40% at the rear. The wheels, tires, and brakes are from the Polestar 1. This gives the car a wider track and more grip. Also, 70kW (~94 HP) power has been increased. So total power is somewhere around the high 400 mark.

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