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Converting Classic Cars to Electric- Retrofitting Classic Cars with Electric Motors

In the past 100 years, one thing that has become an inseparable part of our lifestyles is our cars. The cars that were once a novelty in the early 1900s have now become a necessity. Cars have evolved a lot and have seen tremendous progress. They hold a very high emotional value, especially to men. Cars are not just a mode to commute but are an extension of one’s personality, they are an expression, a statement. Not only cars are an object of admiration, but driving them brings joy.

People often end up loving their cars as if they are not just a thing but life a family or a friend. Men tend to but cars not that are beautiful, powerful, bigger, and faster without stressing much over the cost. Owners take pride in their cars, often they are seen treating their machines with love and respect, caring for them making them last for a lifetime. Such examples that have lived long enough are still serving their masters can be coined as classic cars. Especially those that have a historical significance and are worthy of being deemed as a collectible to be preserved/or and restored.

converting classic cars to electric

Such classic cars hold high sentiments as well as monetary value. But just like old men, these classic oldies can be rusty and clattery. These may be prone to breakdowns and hard to fix, and with stricter emission norms, driving these can be quiet inefficient and can also earn tickets for themselves. But since the cars we love so much are meant to be driven and not just being a showpiece in the garage, there is one way to revive life into these old classic cars.

Converting Classic Cars to Electric

We all know the advantages of electric cars by now. So by interchanging the internals of these old internal combustion carbon-emitting beauties with the new age tech-loaded electric motors with zero emissions, classic cars can still be driven while being considerate towards the environment. There are several shops that have identified the capabilities of an electric drivetrain and have started to put electric motors and lithium-ion battery packs inside these old beauties. The classic cars now are better performing, sources of zero-emission and are fun to drive. To mention the name of one such shop, the EV West.

Guys at EV west felt that while the electric cars are being marketed as a means to save the planet, no one actually buys a car for the purpose of saving the planet. He had this idea of a Speed Electric Shop. Further explaining his point he went for the prestigious Pikes Peak Hill Climb race in 2012where he drew huge attention towards his 1000BHP BMW E36 M3 that was electrified and made heads turn at the show. Next, when he tried his hands on electrifying a Porsche, other fellows with similar interests approached and a clan was born. There are so many such shops that it is difficult to name all of them.

All work on such projects where they electrify well known classic cars like the Jaguar E Types, Volkswagen Beetles, Porsches, Aston Martins, BMW’s, Datsuns, Alfa Romeos, actually whatever they can get their hands on. The upside being that the conversion process is very easy, with fewer parts, and updates that are just a blink away. Truly electric cars are the future while classic cars are the past, now take a look at how these two are made to amalgamate making the Present Days Electric Classic.


Retrofitting an old classic is an opportunity to modernize it without ruining its exterior appearance. This gives a new much better power source without any emissions. Converting petrol or diesel-powered car into an electric car requires to remove combustion engine and fuel system and replacing them with an electric motor and a battery pack. Sounds really easy but all this magic requires good knowledge to successfully do it. Deciding to keep or remove the engine, gas tank, exhaust system, transmission system, etc is another tough task. Removing it may require some amount of modifications to the vehicle body.

While trying to give a practical range, it can’t be forgotten that enough big battery pack is needed and putting that power to use an equally potent electric motor will be required and all these tricks will burn a hole through the pocket. Installation of charging circuit, heat management system, battery management system, electric motor, controller, battery pack all this has to be taken care of while keeping in mind not to hamper the weight distribution of the vehicle and its driving dynamics are to be kept undisturbed.

converting classic cars to electric converting classic cars to electric

While giving these cars a second chance, well now it also benefits the nature as the electricity that is used to charge these car batteries is that it can be done from solar energy making it completely eco friendly.

This brings another question to mind. Can retrofitting a car become the future of tuning??? Give your views in the comments.

RipuDaman Shrivastava
RipuDaman Shrivastava
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