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Matrix Headlights Switched With Older LED’s On Newer Builds Of Tesla Model 3

Attention Model 3 buyers! Tesla Model 3 buyers would now need to check for their matrix headlights at delivery, as Tesla has decided to switch to older LED headlights.

Tesla is making desperate attempts now to solve supply chain issues and make the deliveries of their cars. However, it looks like leaving out a few tiny features is turning against the reputation of the company.

Model 3 production is badly hit globally as per hundreds of users of Tesla forums pointing out the extreme delays. Buyers are still waiting for months after Tesla pushed back newer deliveries for their Model 3 orders.

Why Tesla Is Switching To Older Headlights?

The news of older headlights soon started making rounds on social media as bugnotfound, a member of the TMC forum, mentioned that he saw the Model 3 LR version with the old headlights while visiting his local Tesla lot. He did not say anything about the short-range variant as he has ordered LR Model 3. However, he did mention that the performance variant is still rocking the matrix headlights.

Several other buyers too confirmed the switch to older LED by posting the pictures of their Model 3 on social media forums. Tesla and Elon Musk, has refrained from commenting on the issue so far, making it unclear what might be going wrong with the lights.

Tesla is struggling to hold the pace of the supply chain with the global shortage of chips and other challenges like every other automotive maker. But, the shift from matrix LED headlights to older headlights is not making anyone happy, as buyers are posting witty sarcasm after the issue came out.

Some even mock that Tesla should now only send cars with a steering wheel and pedal.

A recent tweet from Elon Musk reads, “Some revenue is better than none!”. It finally seems Musk is getting his way through for making some money even during the industry downtime.

Tesla Old headlights vs Matrix

Tesla might also be looking to differentiate the performance model of the Model 3 car to keep it the most exclusive one. The move could be a strategy to align the variants of Model 3 with Model Y as the only performance variant of the Model Y sports LED matrix.

Matrix LED Headlights

Matrix headlights are the newest take on the application of LED projection of light on the road to enhance functionality. Each unit of the LED grid is controlled by Tesla software to project the light based on the set algorithm.

Matrix headlights come with a collection or string of LED cells, controlled individually by the software. There could be numerous ways these cells light up or are used, while driving. Fun LED light lettering like Holiday Light Show flashing TESLA from headlights. Simply put, matrix LED allows the light to automatically detect already lit areas and not project light on that particular section. Therefore, not blinding the oncoming driver.

Advantages of Matrix Headlights

Conventional car headlights project on a linear path or only in a fixed position in front of the car. Furthermore, this position creates blind areas on the road while turning as the light only is projected in front and not on the corners.

The features work on an Adaptive Matrix LED software that manages the whole shenanigans. Following are some of the benefits of having matrix headlights over traditional LED headlights:

  • Automatic controlled lights to focus and light up only dark areas.
  • No more blinding lights for the oncoming traffic and pedestrian with the auto shut-off of the high beams of LED.
  • More control on the area covered by the LED cells to light up an even wider area.
  • Software-controlled application to manage the light individually.
  • Ample light coverage even on the corners and curves to make driving smoother and safer.
  • Holiday Light Show Lighting features.

What To Expect In Future?

Tesla needs to pull up their socks and get back into its A-game as soon as possible. Recent turnarounds of things like late deliveries, features pull-back, supply chain mayhem, etcetera are going to cost some serious damage to the reputation of Tesla as a company.

Buyers are already getting anxious with the pushed-back deliveries, and switching to older headlights is only going to make them angrier. The part supply issue is nothing new for Tesla now, as the struggle now seems long-standing. European buyers are reporting newer builds to have standard LED headlights instead of matrix lights.

Tesla has not confirmed the switch officially so far, and therefore, it is still early to comment on how this is happening. However, it is strange to see older LED headlights on actual Model 3 cars as Design Studio still shows all three variants with Matrix units.

Let’s see what Tesla has to say about the whole fiasco. Write to us if you too have taken a Model 3 delivery recently.

Purnima Rathi
Purnima Rathi
Purnima has a strong love for EVs. Whether it's classic cars or modern performance vehicles, she likes to write about anything with four wheels, especially if there's a cool story behind it.


  1. Oh, please, is everyone on this planet a victim of something or other? People are dying in Ukraine! Don’t take delivery and let the next person in line get their Tesla sooner. Problem solved.

    • If you paid for a custom vehicle, you wouldn’t want old crappy lights either. A Tesla is supposed to be future-proof and I for one will not be accepting mine without matrix. A lot of people have agreed with me in other Tesla groups. I assure you we do not want old technology and multiple people will decline delivery before someone like you finally accepts it.

      • Tesla is not a custom vehicle. It’s a mass produced commuter car. Calm down. I have 3 of them, 2 w/o matrix 1 with. I assure you, that as the driver, you will never know the difference.

  2. This is wrong if i paid for the custom vehicle than i want matrix headlight no the old lights. Tesla firstly is not delivering the car on time and after this decision it might hit there sale across the world.


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