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Tesla Software Update Turns Scary as Owner Gets Trapped in Hot Car at 103 Degrees, Faces Public Criticism

Ever been stuck in a car on a scorching hot day?

Well, most of you might not be having that experience willingly at least. But this TikToker, Brianna Janel confined herself inside her Tesla while she was updating her EV. A seemingly routine update took forever to complete and she was left in sweats as the temperature rose to 103 degrees.

Her cool ride soon became a sauna on wheels! And here’s the kicker: you’re not supposed to touch anything in the car while it updates. Why? You might do something touching the controls that could mess up the update or your Tesla. Let’s find out what happened.

Tesla Update Gets Owner Trapped in Hot Car at 103 Degree

What Happened?

Brianna Janel, a rather popular TikTok user, found herself in a sticky situation that left her feeling like she was “roasting like a freakin’ chicken” inside her Tesla. The whole ordeal lasted about 40 minutes as she had to face the wrath of the sun that day.


Note to self don’t update your car when you’re in it. #teslatok #tesla

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Parked under the scorching sun at a Chick-fil-A parking lot, the internal temperature of her Tesla reached 103°F. Adding to her misery was the cautionary Tesla’s user manual advice to not open the doors or windows during any update.

Stuck between following protocol and seeking relief from the intense heat, looks like she was battling a dilemma sitting in discomfort.

She thought she would take a work call while waiting for her Chick-fil-A order as the Tesla screen indicated the update was going to take about 24 minutes. Her multi-tasking plans came to a sweaty halt when it got really uncomfortable for her to sit inside her Tesla because of the rising temperature inside.

She came out of her Tesla after 30 minutes when she saw the update was taking longer than expected. She later found out on her phone app that the temperature rose to 115 degrees inside her Tesla.

Can Updating the Tesla Lock Driver Inside?

Updating your Tesla typically won’t lock you inside your Tesla. However, during the update process, it’s not recommended to open the doors or windows to avoid interrupting the update, which could potentially cause software issues.

Opinions flew in from all corners as comments flooded in, sharply divided over who was at fault. Some pointed fingers at Janel for not using manual release, while others directed their witty criticism toward Tesla, calling it a potential safety hazard.

One Reddit user commented saying that she could come outside anytime but she did not to make it a sensational news.

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Surprisingly, Janel has owned her Tesla for the last six years and had never experienced such a prolonged update while inside her car before. She warned everyone to only update their vehicle at 2 am like she used to do earlier.

Finally emerging from her Tesla after suffering for 30 minutes stuck inside, she couldn’t help but share her relief, dripping in sweat. In her several updates, she recounted the harrowing experience, describing how she felt like she was melting inside her car. She also mentioned that if she had genuinely felt threatened, she would have left the car safely.


So, is it that a big deal? 103 or 115 degrees is not that much heat that one just cannot bear. But, think of it this way: you’re stuck in a hot car, and you can’t even turn on the AC.

Seems pretty rough, right? Plus, if you mess with any buttons or controls, you might mess up the update. It’s like walking on eggshells with your car. But the funniest part? Tesla says to treat your car like a brick during updates.

So, what’s the lesson here? When it comes to updating your Tesla, expect the unexpected and stay out of it.

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