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Tesla Model Y Performance Plunges Off California Cliff Yet Driver Sustains Zero Injuries

In a miraculous escape, a Model Y Performance driver was left without any injury after a huge accident. In a recent incident reported in California, a Tesla Model Y Performance took a serious tumble off a cliff, resulting in a totaled vehicle.

Despite the dramatic crash, the driver emerged unscathed – not a scratch to be found. Let’s find out more.

Tesla Model Y Plunges Off California Cliff

Tesla Model Y Performance Saves Life

A Reddit user shared some shocking pictures of a Model Y Performance that flew several feet down into a ravine in California. The Tesla EV totaled following the accident but the driver is said to be unharmed. It is not clear yet how the Model Y Performance ended there but the EV’s descent sure looks swift and devastating.

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X user Nic Cruz Patane also shared the fatal accident photos on the X platform. Despite the severity of the crash, the driver is said to be safe and remarkably escaped without any injuries.

A similar incident took place last year when Dharmesh Patel a doctor jumped off a 250-foot cliff with his wife and two young children onboard. Despite the terrifying plunge, all four family members miraculously survived, sustaining several injuries. However, the story takes a darker turn as Dr. Patel is now facing three counts of attempted murder for the crash.

Doctor Seeks Mental Health Diversion for Tesla Cliff Incident, Unveiling Astonishing Safety of Tesla

In another accident, one Tesla driver, Paul M, walked out of his car alive after a harrowing accident. After being side-swiped by a commercial truck and pushed into a group of trees, then struck from behind, the owner walked away unharmed.

The photos shared on Facebook by Paul M and later on Twitter by TeslaNorth are truly frightening, showing the extent of the damage.

A startling incident was captured on camera in Dayu County, China early this month. A Tesla Model Y was seen soaring several feet into the air even flipping over a bunch of times before finally coming to a halt.

The video footage reveals the vehicle airborne with parts reaching heights of more than 15 feet – matching the length of the Model Y itself. The good news was that all four including the woman behind the wheel came out safe out of the EV with only minor injuries.

What Makes Tesla Model Y So Safe?

Numerous prestigious institutions have given A+ ratings to the Tesla Model Y based on its safety measures and features. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) awarded Model Y the Top Safety Pick+ rating. Tesla has surely made its mark in safety. There are numerous real-world incidents where the Model Y proves to be safer than the lot.

Surpassing even everyone’s safety favorite Volvo, the Model Y turns out to be one quality piece of machine. And it’s not just a fluke.

Independent crash testing done by Euro NCAP also confirms the dominance of the Model Y. NCAP labeled Model Y the best in its small SUV class boasting a 97% score for passenger safety.

Tesla Model Y is indeed a popular choice among EV owners worldwide with a lower center of gravity, sturdy cabin, and a strong battery pack. Such features effectively minimize cabin intrusion, lower rollover risk, and divert crash forces away from its occupants. Moreover, Tesla’s front crumple zone efficiently absorbs crash energy, during collisions for extra help in safety and protection.

What Makes Tesla Model Y and Other EVs Safer?

Electric vehicles offer several safety advantages compared to ICE vehicles. Here are some key factors:

  • Lower Center of Gravity: Helps in rollover protection to a greater degree.
  • Structural Integrity: Protect occupants in the event of a crash with stronger pillars and cabin.
  • Crash Energy Absorption: Sophisticated crumple zones absorb and dissipate crash energy to minimize the impact on passengers.
  • Onboard Advanced Safety Systems: Advanced safety features, such as Autopilot, automatic emergency braking, collision avoidance systems, lane departure warning, blind-spot monitoring, etc. help in minimizing accidents.
  • Fire Safety: Battery compartment isolation, thermal management systems, and flame-retardant materials help contain and suppress fire.
  • Regulatory Standards: Model Y scores high on safety marks. Regulatory bodies like NHTSA in the United States and Euro NCAP in Europe, evaluate vehicles strictly on their crashworthiness and safety performance which helps in making a better choice.

Why Choosing A Safer Car Matters?

Choosing a Tesla Model Y saved the occupants in above above-discussed incidents. 2003 traffic accident data from NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), lists as many as 9,000 lost lives in tragic crashes in only three months in the United States.

Certainly, safety might not be the top priority for everyone when buying a new car due to several factors. But accidents unfortunately happen, often with tragic results, and making a safer choice can help minimize them to a greater degree.


Tesla Model Y is the electric carmaker’s most selling model and it looks like it indeed deserves to be on top too. Despite the severity of these accidents, the occupants emerged relatively unscathed and how. These accidents have one thing in common with them the safety quotient of the Tesla Model Y. What do you think?

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