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Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous Set for May Debut: 2 New Motors and Suspension Tweaks Confirmed

We recently contacted a source who had previously shared insider details on the Model 3 Highland and we got some confirmed leaks about Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous.

The latest updates suggest the launch is set for May as Tesla is still stuck with some challenges. Our insider reveals that a team of 20 engineers made their way to China to fix the problems.

While suspension and new motor adaptability pose current challenges, the Ludicrous trim will shake the entire EV industry.

Read on for more leaks coming in straight from the Tesla China R&D floor.

Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous Updates

Model 3 Ludicrous Updates (Confirmed)

Leaked Ludicrous Badge Picture

Our source confirms the Ludicrous version’s lightning speed saying that the track time is incredibly fast and is verified by them. However, due to obvious reasons, they cannot give us the exact lap time details. Better than Model 3 Performance 3.1 seconds to 60? Well, maybe.

Ludicrous Mode and Ludicrous Trim are kind of like two separate things in these cars now. In older Teslas, there were different modes of speed, like Chill, Standard, Sport, Insane, and Ludicrous Mode. Later on, they simplified it to just Chill, Sport, and Insane (or Plaid for certain trims).

Ludicrous And Not Performance

Last year, Tesla introduced the Highland Model 3 in China, the Middle East, and Europe, and later in North America this year. There are only two kinds you can buy worldwide: the basic Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) and the mid-level Long Range All-Wheel Drive (AWD). However, Tesla hasn’t released the fancier top-tier Model 3 Performance, and it’s been delayed for about 6 months.

We all cannot talk enough about the new Ludicrous badge that we saw in the recent leaked images from Spain. However, we spoke directly to our source working inside the Tesla factory about verifying them.

Our sources confirm on the variant version that it is indeed going to be Ludicrous by sharing with us the actual image of the badge.

Ludicrous Badge
Early version of Ludicrous Badge (Shared by our internal source), from Shanghai factory.

Elon Musk got the idea from a funny 1987 movie called “Spaceballs”. In the movie, the bad guy tells his engineers to go faster than light speed, calling it a “ludicrous” speed (which is even faster than “ridiculous” speed). But, in a hilarious twist, the spaceship ends up going even faster, hitting “plaid” speed.

So, using Ludicrous and plaid terms are Tesla’s way of saying their cars can go really, really, really fast!

20 Fremont Engineers Return From China

Tesla Fremont sent 20 engineers to help the China Shanghai plant division fix the problems with new motors adaptability. The Fremont Tesla factory is apparently at the forefront of spearheading the Model 3 Highland Research and Development aspect.

Tesla Fremont sent 20 engineers to Shanghai to look after the issues with the upcoming performance model last month. All those 20 engineers returned home on Saturday, meaning the problem with the new motor’s adaptability might be fine now.

Two Motors Confirmed On Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous

We can also confirm that the Model 3 Performance trim Ludicrous will have a fresh set of electric motors to power the insane EV.

A Tesla engineer earlier revealed that the first Model 3 Performance was indeed rushed to market in 2017, leaving out some nifty things and features. Now, with the 2024 Model 3 Ludicrous, Tesla plans to fix those issues for good.

Note: The 2 new motors refer to a new high-performance dual-motor setup.

Problem With Suspension And New Motor Adaptability

According to the guy spilling all the beans for us, there has been a problem with the Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous‘s suspension and new motor adaptability. The adaptability issues led Tesla to delay the early launch and seek the help of Fremont engineers to fix the issue at the China plant.

May Launch Confirmed

We can also confirm a Q2 launch hinting it to be somewhere in May given there might still be some suitability issues. However, recent frequent sightings of Tesla testing the Model 3 Ludicrous could mean an early May launch.

Seeing the new Model 3 Ludicrous looking all ready to go means it might hit the market soon. It will launch in the USA and China in the same month.


All these key reveals along with the recent leaks do make us believe in an early launch of the awaited high-performance Model 3 trim. Our source even got us a sneak peek at the Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous badge in high definition.

Plus, a team of 20 Fremont engineers just returned from the Tesla plant in China to fix issues. There have been some challenges with suspension and new motor adaptability.

We can’t wait for the official Ludicrous launch to experience new high-performance motors and speed for an electrifying driving experience.

Do share with us your thoughts on the new Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous trim. This leak does expose a thrilling chapter in Tesla’s entry-level performance model, and you heard it here first!

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Purnima Rathi
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