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First Clear Images of Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous with 20″ Warp Wheels Revealed

Just a few days after we covered the sighting of the new Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous on a semi-trailer alongside the Cybertruck, another exciting development has emerged. This time leaked images have surfaced providing the first clear look at the upgraded Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous. These images not only confirm the sleek design and enhanced features of the vehicle but also give us a detailed view of its impressive 20″ Warp wheels.

The leaked photos offer an unparalleled glimpse into what Tesla has in store for its latest iteration of the Model 3 Ludicrous. Among the standout features visible in the images are the 275/30 R20 wheels, which promise to deliver superior handling and performance.

Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous Images

Tesla Model 3 Performance/Ludicrous Leaked Images

The leaked visuals provide a closer look at the enhancements Tesla has incorporated into the Model 3 Performance/Ludicrous, highlighting the meticulous attention to detail and commitment to performance that Tesla is known for. Among the standout features are:

  • 275/30 R20 Wheels: These larger, performance-oriented wheels are designed to handle the Ludicrous mode’s power which offers improved grip and handling for an exhilarating driving experience.
  • Ludicrous Badge: A close-up view of the Ludicrous badge confirms the vehicle’s identity, symbolizing its top-tier performance capabilities within the Model 3 lineup.
  • Rear Spoiler Details: The intricacies of the rear spoiler have been captured, showcasing a design likely optimized for aerodynamics and high-speed stability.
  • 20” Warp Wheels with Aero Inserts: A detailed look at the 20” Warp wheels reveals the innovative aero inserts, a feature that hints at Tesla’s ongoing efforts to enhance efficiency and range without compromising on style.
  • Red Brake Calipers: The striking red brake calipers not only add a sporty aesthetic but also signify the vehicle’s high-performance braking system, ready to handle the intense speeds the Ludicrous mode can achieve.

Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous Wheel Tyres

Exclusive Peek at Warp Wheels

Adding to the excitement, a leaked image of the 20” Warp wheels from the upgraded Model 3 Ludicrous has also been shared. This exclusive peek offers Tesla fans a hint of the cutting-edge design and engineering that the new model will bring to the road. The Warp wheels combined with the aero inserts represent Tesla’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle performance and efficiency.

Adding to the allure of the new Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous are the intricate details surrounding its badge. The Ludicrous badge is prominently displayed and captured in these latest images.


The leaked images of the Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous have set the stage for what promises to be one of the most anticipated launches in the EV market. With its upgraded features and meticulous design enhancements, the new Model 3 variant is poised to redefine performance standards for electric vehicles.

As Tesla prepares for the official unveiling, the electric vehicle community waits with bated breath to see these upgrades in action and to learn more about what the upgraded Model 3 Ludicrous will offer.

Saurav Revankar
Saurav Revankar
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