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Tesla Model 3 Highland Owner Review: Ride Quality Praised, Tesla Vision Disappoints

The Tesla Model 3 Highland edition has been turning heads since its release, and it’s always enlightening to hear firsthand accounts from new owners. One such owner, a first-time EV user, recently shared their experiences after a 500-kilometer drive. This journey provided a wealth of insights into the car’s performance, design, and features.

For those new to Tesla’s ecosystem, the Model 3 Highland presents a slight learning curve with its unique design choices, such as the absence of traditional stalks for turn signals and gear shifting. However, according to the new owner, the transition is swift and intuitive. Within an hour, the placement of steering wheel buttons becomes second nature, even when navigating the initially challenging roundabouts.

Tesla Model 3 Highland Owner Review

Tesla Model 3 Highland Owner Review

The Tesla Model 3 Highland not only redefines expectations in terms of electric vehicle capabilities but also in the way drivers interact with their cars. The owner’s preference for the touchscreen interface over traditional stalks for shifting is a testament to Tesla’s innovative approach to vehicle control. This preference underscores a broader shift in automotive design, where digital interfaces are beginning to replace mechanical controls, offering a cleaner aesthetic and potentially more intuitive user experience.

Tesla Model 3 Highland Interior

The touchscreen provides a central hub for vehicle functions, including shifting, which the owner found to be more preferable. This sentiment reflects a growing trend among modern drivers who value the combination of digital efficiency and the tactile response of traditional controls. The touchscreen in the Model 3 Highland is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that even those new to Tesla’s ecosystem can quickly adapt and appreciate the benefits of this modern approach to car operation.

However, the transition to a more tech-centric driving experience isn’t without its challenges. The owner’s initial impressions of Tesla Vision, the company’s advanced driver-assistance system, were mixed. While the system represents a significant step forward in autonomous driving technology, the owner noted that it currently falls short of their expectations, particularly when compared to traditional Ultrasonic sensors.

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Despite this, the owner remains optimistic, recognizing the potential for software updates to refine and enhance the functionality of Tesla Vision. Tesla’s OTA software updates are a cornerstone of the company’s strategy, allowing for continuous improvements and the addition of new features. This capability not only extends the longevity of Tesla vehicles but also ensures that they can adapt to the evolving landscape of autonomous driving technology.

Interior Quality and Comfort

The interior of the Tesla Model 3 Highland Edition is where the brand’s commitment to quality and comfort becomes palpable. The new owner’s assessment reveals that the build quality of the interior is robust and befitting of its price point. Tesla has managed to strike a delicate balance between luxury and practicality, ensuring that the cabin feels premium without being ostentatious. Materials used throughout the interior are durable and well-fitted, with attention to detail that resonates with both long-time enthusiasts and newcomers to the brand.

Ambient lighting within the Model 3 Highland is thoughtfully designed, enhancing the cabin’s ambiance without causing distractions. The lighting is subtle enough to complement the interior aesthetics while also ensuring that it does not reflect on the windshield, which could impede visibility. This careful integration of ambient lighting speaks to Tesla’s design philosophy, which prioritizes both form and function.

Comfort is paramount in any vehicle, and the Model 3 Highland does not disappoint. The owner’s experience highlights the comfort provided to all occupants, not just the driver. Rear passengers are treated to ample legroom and supportive seating, which is particularly noteworthy during longer journeys. The seats are designed to cradle the occupants, providing support and comfort that extend beyond the norm for vehicles in this class.

Technology and Features

The Tesla Model 3 Highland Edition’s driving experience is significantly enhanced by its superior sound isolation. The owner’s observations confirm that the vehicle’s cabin remains remarkably quiet, even when confronted with the roar of the wind or the hum of the road at high speeds. This tranquility is the product of meticulous engineering, from the car’s aerodynamic design to the use of specialized materials that dampen external noise. The result is a serene environment that allows drivers and passengers to converse effortlessly, enjoy the car’s sound system, or simply revel in the peacefulness that electric vehicles can offer.

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When it comes to handling the caprices of nature, the Model 3 Highland demonstrates commendable poise. The owner’s experience on a windy Sunday night, with speeds clocking below 130 km/h, is particularly telling. The car’s stability in such conditions is a testament to its well-tuned aerodynamics and chassis design, which work in concert to maintain a steady course. This stability, even in less than ideal conditions, instills confidence and contributes to a sense of safety and reliability.

The suspension system of the Model 3 Highland is another highlight, offering feedback and handling that adapt seamlessly across a variety of terrains. The owner describes the suspension as medium to soft in stiffness, which translates to a ride that absorbs road imperfections without sacrificing the car’s sporty character. Whether it’s gliding over urban speed bumps or cruising on a country road, the suspension system maintains a comfortable ride without detaching the driver from the road.

Tesla Model 3 Highland, thoughts after 500 km
byu/Yamox inTeslaModel3

Multimedia and Connectivity

The Tesla Model 3 Highland Edition’s multimedia system stands out as a high point in the vehicle’s array of features. The owner’s evaluation of the speaker and microphone quality is glowing, with the standard configuration’s nine speakers delivering exceptional sound clarity and depth. This acoustic excellence extends to the microphone system, ensuring that voice commands and calls are crystal clear, enhancing the hands-free experience and safety.

However, the voice assistant’s performance does show room for improvement, particularly when it comes to recognizing the Dutch language and non-traditional European names. This indicates a need for Tesla’s software to become more inclusive and adaptable to a variety of languages and dialects. The owner’s feedback suggests that while the voice assistant is a step in the right direction, it would benefit from further refinement through software updates, which could enhance its understanding and responsiveness to a broader range of vocal inputs.


The Tesla Model 3 Highland Edition has made a compelling impression on its new owner, who, after a 500-kilometer journey, expresses a high level of satisfaction with their purchase. This satisfaction stems from the vehicle’s seamless blend of innovative technology, driving dynamics, and comfort, all wrapped in the sustainable package of an electric vehicle.

The car’s strengths are numerous: from its intuitive and user-friendly interface, which swiftly becomes second nature to the driver, to its exceptional build quality that resonates with luxury despite its relatively modest price point. The ride quality, bolstered by advanced sound isolation and a finely-tuned suspension, ensures that both driver and passengers enjoy a serene and comfortable journey, regardless of the terrain or weather conditions outside.

Reflecting on the purchase decision, the owner’s contentment is a clear indicator of the Model 3 Highland’s ability to meet and exceed expectations. It’s a vehicle that not only delivers on the promise of electric mobility but does so with a flair that is distinctly Tesla.

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