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Lucid Officially Breaks EV Range Record With its Dream Edition Air

The Lucid Air Dream Edition R will be starting deliveries in late 2021. Currently, it is undergoing numerous performance and quality control tests. Buyers have already pre-ordered their Lucid Air Dream Edition R. These customers will be thrilled to know the results of the various tests performed on the Lucid Air Dream Edition. The results of the tests are fascinating.

Lucid Officially Breaks EV Range Record With its Dream Edition Air

Lucid Officially Breaks EV Range Record With its Dream Edition Air

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently tested the top-end Lucid Air to check various parameters of the car. The range tests proved the company’s claim of a range of over 500 miles. This is fascinating news for the buyers of Lucid Air. 

The EPA estimated the range of the Lucid Air Dream Edition to be 520 miles in a single charge. This range limit is well over the current range records held by top-end Tesla Model S. Lucid just crushed Tesla’s record with an additional 115 miles of range on the Lucid Air Dream Edition.

The CEO Peter Rawlinson praised the efforts everyone in the company made. Lucid has built the battery technology integrated into the Lucid Air Dream Edition in-house. Lucid has specifically designed battery modules and Battery Management System (BMS) for more efficiency in accordance with the weight, design, and aerodynamics of the car.

The new Lucid Air Dream Edition currently holds the record for the highest range among electric vehicles. Previously, the Tesla Model S Plaid held the record at 405 miles. As per the EPA testing criteria, Lucid holds the record at 520 miles which is 115 miles more than the range of Tesla.

The battery capacity of the Lucid Air is between the range of 75 KWh to 113 KWh. This means that the car consumes 218 Wh/mile during traveling at the speed at which it was tested. The unit Watt-hour per Mile (Wh/mile) is equivalent to Miles per Gallon (mpg). Regulators consider a Wh/mile value which is between 190-225 Wh/mile as an excellent value for an electric vehicle.

The Lucid Air is a luxury sedan with a lavish interior, eye-catching design, and futuristic technology. Along with all this, it also has a super long range which is longer than any electric vehicle on the market. This makes it a perfect vehicle for rich buyers who don’t like the minimalist interior of Teslas. It provides competition to the well-established auto giants and pushes them to up their game.

We must remind ourselves that Lucid is a meagre start up. Despite the financial and technological hurdles usually faced by startups, Lucid has proven itself to the market that it is brave enough to venture into the unknown and do exciting things. A 500-mile car is a great achievement for the company.

520 miles of range means the car can travel for eight to nine hours without recharging. This is much more than the time an average driver drives between stops. Do we really need more range in electric vehicles? A driver can go from Los Angeles to San Francisco without halting which is a remarkable feat for Lucid and the electric vehicle sector as well.

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