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Huawei’s All-Electric Car with 708 KM Range and 640 HP is Now in Full Production

Huawei kept their words when they first announced that they would be soon launching a luxury EV in collaboration with Arcfox, the Chinese carmaker. The EV maker is the heart and soul of Huawei’s Huawei Inside or HiCar solution system for autonomous driving. Arcfox α-S or Alpha S is an electric crossover similar to the smaller Arcfox α-T model.

Powered by the HarmonyOS display, the interiors look futuristic chic to say the least. Huawei Inside HI version system solution is capable of level-3 autonomous driving assistance thanks to those extraordinary sensors by Huawei. Huawei Arcfox Alpha S is already making headlines starting at the sticker price of USD 59,000 in the Chinese market.

Huawei Arcfox Alpha S Launch

Arcfox is pumped to mass produce the Alpha S model with Huawei Inside. Arcfox Alpha S is the first luxury sedan that is in production to run on Huawei’s full-stack HiCar driving assistance program. The autonomous driving solution is capable of running with excellent expertise in autonomous driving. Huawei took the news to Twitter in 2021 to jointly launch the intelligent EV Arcfox Alpha S HI.

Huawei Arcfox Alpha S EV

Many might not be aware, but the first production model of Alpha S was delivered in July. Therefore, the premium Huawei EV with intelligent autonomous driving assistance is already making a buzz in the industry.

The first production batch delivered was rather small, and now the tech giants are gearing up to go full force into mass producing the car. Arcfox and Huawei are both set to begin the production at Zhenjiang manufacturing unit of the Chinese automobile maker BAIC Group.

Range & Specs

Arcfox is the premium automobile brand of its parent company and is known for incorporating premium accents into its designs. Alpha S HI comes with a full autonomous suit and battery pack that boasts up upto the 708km range on its high-performance premium variant.

The impressive specs speak for themselves with 3 solid state lidars, 12 radars, and 13 panoramic cameras covering every inch of the view. Alpha S HI supports 5G connectivity with HarmonyOS. The Hi model of Arcfox Alpha S is positioned as the intelligent luxury electric sedan under its category.

Following are the specs worthy of your attention:

Powertrain & Range

Arcfox and Huawei have come up with two trims of the Alpha S HI model. Alpha S is available with a range of 708km in Single motor as well as dual motors with all-wheel drive. Two trims of the Alpha S HI come in base and premium version and starts from $59,000 in Chinese markets.

The Alpha S HI variants feature a 473-kW engine power coming into two trims. A custom-made battery pack to fit in front and rear offering a peak power of up to 655 Nm torque. One can zip up the speed from 0-100 km/h in only 3.5 seconds.

Alpha S HI both trims are also equipped with an 800V platform that can give enough power to the EV on a mere 10-minute charge.

Huawei Inside

The full stack HiCar or Huawei Inside intelligent automotive solution is designed to support a high level of driving assistance for urban roads. What makes this Chinese make more special is the fact that the HI variant has backups in CPU, batteries, braking, steering, sensors, and the architecture of the vehicle. In any event of an emergency where the main system fails, the backups would kick in automatically to maintain safety while traveling.

Huawei Arcfox Alpha S EV Interior

The high-level performance of the computing program enables the EV to work in sync with all 34 sensors. The in-car infotainment system HarmonyOS adds a huge 21.69-inch 4K screen. Moreover, the HarmonyOS allows EV owners to seamlessly enjoy the infotainment system. One can install apps on the interface to dock into an intelligent and seamless infotainment system.


The full-stack driving assistance solution by Huawei is said to support multiple levels of autonomous driving with Alpha S HI. The EV is equipped with 3 full LiDar sensor modules and numerous other radars to help the CPU compute the autonomous driving data. The Alpha S HiCar autonomous driving system consists of 34 sensors in total including the cameras:

  • 3 set of 96m Auto-grade LiDARs
  • 6 mmW Radar Sensor Radars
  • 12 Ultrasonic Sensors
  • 9 ADS Units
  • 4 Surround View Cameras

Huawei’s intelligent vehicle platform MDC 810 can handle a multitude of data, 400TOPs of algorithm strength, to enhance the autonomous driving experience. In simpler words, this translates into the EV performing exceptionally well on U-turns, intersections, lane-changing, merging, and crosswalks across the urban roads of China.

Smart Charging

You won’t need to wait long while your EV gets its charging juice to make the daily runs. The smart charging feature of the luxury EV can get 30 to 80% charging in only 15 minutes. In other words, you are good to travel around 200km with only 10 minutes of charging your EV.


Arcfox’s catchphrase “Born Free and Go Wild” suits perfectly the design of the luxurious automobile as it is undoubtedly swoon-worthy. Alpha S is a 5-door luxury sedan designed for the executive class.

One cannot miss the elegant lines around the vehicle, giving a refined character. Walter Maria De Silva is the mind behind this incredible design who has previously shown his mettle on Audi A5 and many other designs as well.

The front apron and air intake are designed in such a way that it enhances the performance of the battery pack. The concept of the design is called “borderless” and looks exceptionally clean and sleek too. The headlights and luminous strip rear lights align with the whole design well.

What To Expect In Future?

Huawei Arcfox Alpha S HI is indeed a next-level EV that might lead the autonomous systems in its category. The clean lines of the exterior design of the Alpha S gels smoothly with the fluidic interface of the Huawei intelligent tech solutions. A set of 34 sensors and the combined power of the CPU give an edge to the electric vehicle.

Numerous drive-tests vouch for the effective and intelligent driving assistance system of the car. The Alpha S HI is equipped to make smart decisions on its own like changing the lanes when the speed is below 60 km/h. When the driving speed is above 60, the system would ask for the driver’s confirmation.

In a crash test versus the BYD Han EV, Arcfox Alpha S performed a lot better. The results show that the Alpha S is safer than Han EV. Nothing happened to the Alpha S, but the BYD burned to the ground in that crash test. The future holds a dear spot for the incredible Huawei HiCar system, and it would be interesting to see how things turn out with Arcfox and Huawei collaborations.

Please share your views on the Alpha S HI model and how you think the EV would perform in different driving conditions. Moreover, the Huawei Inside does sound like Intel Inside, right? Could there be corporate chaos on the name? Let us know what you think down below in the comments!

Purnima Rathi
Purnima Rathi
Purnima has a strong love for EVs. Whether it's classic cars or modern performance vehicles, she likes to write about anything with four wheels, especially if there's a cool story behind it.


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