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Tesla tries to lure the public by false advertisements with their Cybertruck

Tesla launched its own electric pickup truck called the Cybertruck in November 2019. Elon Musk presided over its launch. He listed Cybertruck’s features and demonstrated a few of them. Elon said that the glass of the truck is bulletproof. He tried to demonstrate this by throwing a metal ball at the glass. This was one of the most embarrassing moments for Elon as the glass broke when his colleague threw the metal ball on the car.

Tesla tries to lure the public by false advertisements with their Cybertruck

This is the first electric pick-up truck to enter the market. In America, pick-up trucks are one of the top-selling vehicles. This huge sector of the automotive sector had no electric variant. Due to this, Tesla released their very own electric pick-up truck. Due to steep competition, the company launched an extensive marketing campaign.

The Tesla Cybertruck has an out-of-the-box design. It is nothing like the speculated designs. The Cybertruck is probably the only vehicle that a child can draw accurately. Reviewers are split regarding the design of the Cybertruck. Some have called the design childish and others have absolutely loved it.

The price of the car will from $39,900 which is competitive for a lot of pick-up trucks. Due to this other manufacturers are also innovating and releasing their own electric pick-up trucks. Rivian is a start-up that is focusing its energy on launching an electric pickup truck. Cybertruck will have a range of 610 miles(980kms) per charge which is more than any other electric vehicle currently on the market.

Ford and General Motors top the brands which sell pick-up trucks in the American market. Ford F series pick-up trucks are the most sold in the United States of America. Tesla’s Cybertruck is in direct competition with Ford F-series. Thus, to minimize the damage done by Cybertruck Ford has also launched its own Ford F-150 Lightning electric pick-up truck. Ford F-150 Raptor is a gas-powered pick-up that is one of the most sold pick-ups ever.

In an advertising campaign, Ford showed the F-150 pulling a million pounds of train carriages. This campaign was a success. Due to this campaign, Ford sold a lot of F-150 pick-ups (ICE vehicles). That is why Tesla decided to imitate this success by one-upping the Ford campaign. The Ford 150 used for towing 1 million pounds was an internal combustion engine vehicle.

Tesla used the Ford-150 which pulled a million pounds for its own marketing campaign. In the video released by Tesla, the company joined a Cybertruck and a Ford 150 pick up a back to back using a cable. The drivers accelerated the cars after a go-ahead from the administrator. As the drivers accelerate the trucks, the Cybertruck pulls the F-150 towards itself pretty easily. Tesla showed this video during the launch of Cybertruck. Due to this video, there was much more hype for the new Cybertruck. In the video, both cars are engaged in a Tug of War.

In this video, the viewers can speculate that the Cybertruck is much more powerful than the Ford. However, this is not entirely true and the video is somewhat misleading. The Ford pickup has adequate power to tow a million pounds, surely it will be able to tow a Cybertruck.

High torque is required to generate a pulling force. In both vehicles, the torque generated by the engine or motors, amplified by torque converters and gear systems before it reaches the wheels of the vehicle. The greater low-end torque of the electric motor is not the reason the Cybertruck was able to pull the Ford 150.

In the video, the F-150 is clearly a rear-wheel drive as the front wheels do not offer any resistance to the Tesla and are spinning back unlike the rear wheels. The Cybertruck is likely a dual-motor drive which means it has more torque than the basic version of the F150. This is clearly not a fair competition.

The Ford F150 pick-up truck weighs around 5000 pounds. Although the weight of the Cybertruck isn’t known, it is estimated to be around 6000-6500 pounds. Therefore, as the weight of the Cybertruck is more, it exerts a greater force than the Ford F150 pickup truck. Even on an incline, Cybertruck’s upward force will be more than the Ford F-150’s force and force due to gravity. This means that Tesla’s Tug of War video was totally pointless.

On an incline, there is an additional rolling resistance that is so small that we can neglect it. The cosine component on an incline also proves advantageous to the Cybertruck. This shows that Tesla’s marketing ploy to destroy F-150’s sales was based on a false narrative.

The F-150 is powerful and doesn’t need validations from Tesla. The marketing campaign by Tesla for the Cybertruck was in poor taste. People didn’t realize it at the time of the launch of the Cybertruck. More than 200,000 people pre-ordered the Tesla Cybertruck the day Tesla launched it. Volume production of the Cybertruck is likely to start in 2022 and deliveries will begin late in 2022 or in early 2023.

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