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Low-VIN Tesla Cybertruck Sold for Whopping $400,000

In a momentous occasion that has captured the attention of both Tesla enthusiasts and the automotive world at large, the Petersen Automotive Museum’s 29th Annual Gala became the stage for a historic auction. The highlight of the evening was the sale of a low-VIN 2024 Tesla Cybertruck, which fetched an astounding $400,000. This record-setting sale not only underscores the growing interest in electric vehicles but also sets a new benchmark for future auctions in the EV market.

Tesla Cybertruck Sold for $400,000

The Gala and Auction Announcement

The Petersen Automotive Museum rolled out the red carpet for its 29th Annual Gala on October 7th, an event that promised to be a grand affair for car aficionados. Adding to the allure of the evening was the host, Jay Leno, a comedian and car enthusiast well-known for his extensive collection of unique and vintage automobiles.

Ticket Pricing

To be a part of this exclusive event, attendees had a range of ticket options. Individual gala tickets started at $1,750, while those looking for a more luxurious experience could opt for a Premier table, priced at a steep $30,000. The ticket pricing reflected the exclusivity of the event and the high level of interest in the Cybertruck auction.

Significance of Low-VIN

While the Cybertruck up for auction was a significant draw, both Tesla and the Petersen Museum made it clear that this was a low-VIN model. This means that although it was among the first few Cybertrucks to roll off the production line, it was not VIN #1. This clarification has led to rampant speculation about who might own the first-production Cybertruck. Given Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s history of keeping significant Tesla models for himself, many are wondering if he will soon reveal that he is the owner of the first-production model.

Tesla Cyertruck Auction

Before the glamour and excitement of the in-person gala took center stage, the auction for the low-VIN Tesla Cybertruck was opened online. During this initial phase, interest was palpable but somewhat restrained, with the highest bid reaching $55,000. This figure, although substantial, was just a fraction of what the Cybertruck would eventually fetch.

The online portion of the auction was designed to serve as a prelude to the main event at the gala. As such, it was scheduled to close at 5 PM PT, marking the transition from virtual to physical bidding. This allowed for a seamless shift in the auction dynamics, setting the stage for the intense bidding that would unfold at the Petersen Museum’s in-person event.

Tesla Cybertruck Winning Bid

As the clock struck 5 PM PT, the online auction came to a close, signaling a shift in the bidding arena. The focus now moved to the Petersen Museum’s in-person gala, where attendees were buzzing with anticipation. With Jay Leno as the host and a room full of potential high-bidders, the stage was set for an unforgettable auction experience.

The atmosphere was electric as the bidding resumed, this time in a live setting. After a series of intense bids that had everyone on the edge of their seats, the gavel finally came down. The low-VIN Tesla Cybertruck was sold for an astonishing $400,000, setting a new precedent in the electric vehicle market. The room erupted in applause, marking the end of a historic auction that not only captured the imagination of Tesla enthusiasts but also signaled the burgeoning interest in electric vehicles.


The auction of the low-VIN 2024 Tesla Cybertruck at the Petersen Automotive Museum’s 29th Annual Gala was more than just a sale; it was a watershed moment that set a new benchmark for electric vehicle auctions. With a final sale price of $400,000, the event has not only captured the attention of Tesla enthusiasts but also signaled the growing market interest in electric vehicles.

As significant as this auction was, it has also raised intriguing questions. The fact that the auctioned Cybertruck was a low-VIN model, but not VIN #1, has fueled speculation about who owns the first-production model. The Tesla community is now eagerly awaiting an announcement from Elon Musk, who many suspect may reveal himself as the owner of the first-production Cybertruck.

In summary, the event has left an indelible mark on the electric vehicle landscape, and all eyes are now on Tesla and Elon Musk for what comes next in the Cybertruck saga.

Saurav Revankar
Saurav Revankar
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