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Skoda Introduced Newer Version of MySkoda App- Here are the all new features of it

Last year Skoda introduced the MySkoda app in their endeavour to constantly delight customers, the first-generation app was well-received with many owners making it the go-to app for everything related to their Skoda. The simply clever features and friendly interface ensure that users of the app were thoroughly impressed.

This year they launched an all new and enhanced mice go-to app with more simply clever features from sales to after sales the all new MySkoda app now covers at all. It now comes with a host of new features like-

  • Skoda Service assistant
  • Parking assistance
  • Book a test drive
  • Owner’s manual
  • Accessories
  • Skoda India Drivetribe
  • Campaigns and connectivity

Now it’s even have an entire section called “I want to own a Skoda” dedicated to everyone interested in purchasing a new Skoda

How to Sign In to MySkoda App

You can sign in through Facebook or Google or your email id the “I own a Skoda” section is the hub for all existing Skoda owners under this section the first step is to “Add your car” just tap on add car and then enter the VIN of your Skoda your VIN can be found in the corner under the windshield, owner’s manual or in your vehicle registration document enter the correct VIN and you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile allowing you to add your car to my garage. you can even personalize your garage by adding a picture of your car. The car card section includes details for your vehicle and service tasks. In the vehicle section, you will have access to owner details and document vault of the car.
Keeping the owner details up to date ensures that you receive relevant communication and updates from us. the service section brings with it a host of features that make servicing your Skoda a pleasant experience you can look up your car’s service history and even mail a service record to your email id for quick and easy reference.

Book service appointment through the app

If your Skoda needs service you can book the appointment through the app itself additionally you can also predetermine the cost of the service by tapping on get estimates tab and entering the details. the revolutionary all new service tracking feature lets you track your service request from start to finish this simple but extremely functional feature ensures that you are routinely updated on the status of your car during service and you can focus on other tasks while we take care of your Skoda. Servicing a car has never been so effortless.

Contact roadside assistance with one click

In the unlikely event that you are facing an issue with your vehicle tap on the Help button in the locations tab and select the location where you require assistance. upon receiving your request for assistance, the roadside assistance team will contact you and provide you with the required support. this quick and effective process ensures that you receive assistance as soon as possible.

Find your parked car through App

The MySkoda app is brimming with simply clever features like the new parking assistance feature, fuel cost calculator and trip cost calculator the new parking assistance feature helps you find your parked car through three simply clever steps. turn on the locator button before exiting your vehicle and the app will guide you back to it the camera button lets you take a snapshot of the location where your car is parked which will aid you in finding a cart quicker. the timer button will help you remember how much time you have parked for it in your paid parking spot making it one less thing to worry about.

Track your expenses

The fuel log tab helps you keep track of your expenses by helping you maintain a log of the cost and mileage which you can review any time. the trip cost calculator helps you maintain a detailed track of the costs of your trip like fuel, food, stay etc so that you can spend your time and join the journey with your awesome Skoda.

Shop for Skoda Accessories

Looking to add your own touch to your Skoda you can find all the options available in the all-new product section select your model from the Skoda range and you can browse through the entire official accessories catalogue available from Skoda India, select the accessories add them to your cart, select the dealership of your choice and tap on the interested button you will receive a call as soon as the selected dealership receives your order to all you I want to own a Skoda section enable Skoda enthusiasts to initiate their journey with Skoda. this section enables users to explore the entire Skoda range by topping on the model section. current offers on the Skoda range can be found in the campaign section.

Should you wish to experience Skoda first-hand? you can register for a test drive by tapping on the test drive tab on tapping the menu tab, you get access to a range of additional features. you can easily update and edit your profile by entering your name and other personal information your profile has an integral connection with the notifications. it helps us send you relevant updates. if at any time, you have questions about your car just hop on the know your Skoda section the answers to all your queries related to sales or after sales of your Skoda are just a tap away.

Connect to Skoda Community

Connect to the vibrant and engaging community at Skoda India’s official drive tribe and also get access to exclusive content. Skoda cars are at the forefront of beam car connectivity with features like smart link, Android auto and apple car play. the all new connectivity tab allows you to understand the connectivity features better and equips you with the information required to make the most of these features in case you need to discover all of the simply clever features and essential details for your Skoda, you can explore their online owner’s manual repository which can be reached via the owner’s manual tab.

Customer care section

Finally the customer care section is there to address any queries or grievances you might have you can easily communicate with a customer care either via email or phone.

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