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Looking At Tesla Cybertruck From A World-Renowned Automotive Designer’s Eyes

The talk about cars these days has moved away from design, it seems. Of course, it’s not like automobile designers are not working hard to get new and innovative cars on the road. But the focus of the discussion has been shifting rapidly. Supercars have been breaking performance records on a daily basis. Companies are trying to bring down the prices of family cars as much as possible, to compete with rivals.

Looking At The Tesla Cybertruck From A World-Renowned Automotive Designer's Eyes

Looking At The Cybertruck From An Automotive Designer’s Eyes

To add to all this, the topic of climate change and global warming has sent all companies into a frenzy. All combustion vehicle manufacturers are trying to comply with pollution regulations. On the other hand, new companies are starting up manufacturing of electric vehicles, which are being called “green mobility”.

Among all this, the focus on the aesthetic design of new cars isn’t as much as it used to be. And this is something that is troubling many automotive designers. The famous automotive designer Frank Stephenson has talked about futuristic vehicle designs in his latest video.

The Cybertruck Review That Took Over A Year To Make

Frank Stephenson is a world-famous automotive designer who has led design teams at companies like BMW, Ferrari, Aston Martin, McLaren, Mini, and Maserati. The 61-year-old has also created a YouTube channel where he discusses the designs of new models that roll out in the market. Ever since the unveiling of the Tesla Cybertruck, Frank’s fans had been asking him to prepare a review video. Finally, the Moroccan-American designer has released a video discussing the futuristic angle of Tesla’s latest electric vehicle.

The design of the Cybertruck is supposed to be a way to usher in a new generation of socially responsible and technologically innovative inventions. The entire basis of Tesla’s design for the electric pick-up truck is to try and show the world what the future of automobiles is. While it got a lot of positive reactions from Tesla fans, many automobile lovers have been offended by its utter disregard for the traditional design that has made us fall in love with cars.

Frank advocates the theory that “the future is not fated, it is created”. According to Frank, it is the designers’ job to decide what the future is going to look like. While designing a car, the idea should be to create a design which will look fresh at least ten years into the future. That is the only way to stay attractive in the eyes of a highly volatile market.

Changing Trends In Technology

Frank presents an interesting analogy to make his point. When Sony first came up with the PlayStation 1, everyone applauded it. The graphics it had and its portrayal of the real world left everyone amazed. 25 years later, the graphics of the new PlayStation 5, combined with the processing power of the latest computers, have shown how much technological progress has been made. And this is just in the field of video games.

Let’s get back to talking about the future of vehicles being in the hands of designers. The evolution of any vehicle should be in pursuit of something that is more reminiscent of the natural world. Yes, you should be creating a design that will last a long time in the future. But it should also have some roots into the past. And Frank feels that this is something that Elon Musk and his team of designers might have missed out on.

Is The Cybertruck Design Really A Pioneer?

The Cybertruck challenged the perspective of many automobile designers with its boxy shape and sharp edges. Traditionally, the design of any car is always flowing and curvy. It gives a feeling of calmness, as opposed to a boxy design, which emanates aggression. But this isn’t the first time a company has opted for this kind of design.

In 1980, Citroen released a concept vehicle called the Citroen Karin, which had a peculiar design. According to Frank, this design seemed a lot more futuristic than the Cybertruck. This has more to do with the effect that the Karin design has on the mind than the Cybertruck. The Cybertruck has an interior design that feels cold and isolated. The Karin, on the other hand, has a welcoming and warm feel to it. The security features such as the ‘bulletproof’ glass of the Cybertruck gives a feeling of insecurity, and Franks hates the fact that Tesla is capitalizing on it.

Is There A More Futuristic Design Than The Cybertruck?

Buick Electra

According to Frank, the latest Buick Electra concept vehicle has a much more futuristic look than the Cybertruck. The surface finish and shape is inviting, and you just want to touch and feel it. The fluid design of the Electra makes the Cybertruck feel repulsive. The openness and calmness that you feel when you look at the Electra are replaced by a feeling of defensiveness in the Cybertruck, says Frank. It almost feels like it’s been created by the wind.

Our Opinion

Frank Stephenson is a legendary automotive designer. For him, the design of the car speaks volumes about its market appeal. And in his eyes, the Cybertruck feels like a cold devil from hell, while the Electra is an angel from heaven. And that is what designers should be focusing on.

Yes, excellent performance, reliability and safety, and advanced technology do make vehicles appealing. But it is the visual impact that is always going to create the first impression. And in terms of visual impact, the fluidic design of the Electra (or similar designs) is always going to overshadow the robustness of the Cybertruck. People may think that a boxy design feels more futuristic, but given a choice, a more pleasing design will always get more demand.

Mihir Tasgaonkar
Mihir Tasgaonkar
A mechanical engineer who loves reading and writing about new technologies in the automobile industry.


  1. Clueless.

    1) Impractical “concept” cars that never get built from out of touch manufacturers are an insult to the consumer and useless
    For every body.

    2) The Cyber Truck is not a concept but an actual proto type for which a factory is being built and it has a release date.

    3) The design is not for aesthetics or marketing. Instead it is the most efficient shape that could be folded from the ultra hard steel that’s being used for construction.

    4) finally a pickup truck that is truly tough

  2. Sorry but he misses one of the big points: the Cybertruck’s angular design is forced by the use of the steel which you can’t bend into sexier shapes. That and the fact that this thing is a truck – not a sedan. It’s made for work, abuse, off roading, mud, scratch resistance. Sorry, you are way off – bye.

  3. Clueless romantic.
    Buicks are marketed to China; Emperor’s first car.
    Cybertruck will probably get really dirty. Not the place for Buick’s carpets! These vehicles are diametrically opposed in applications.


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