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Things You Should Know About the Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is really different from almost all other cars in a lot of ways so here are some things that you should know about the Tesla Model 3.

Things You Should Know About the Tesla Model 3

Things You Should Know About the Tesla Model 3

Drawing Pad

One of the Easter eggs in the Tesla Model 3 actually lets you exercise some creativity, It’s a little drawing pad. it’s kind of nice to be able to draw in your car. Obviously, you’re not supposed to do it when you’re driving. Every single person we’ve ever seen use this has drawn a dick.

A/C Controls

Now you might notice that the interior of the Tesla Model 3 is simple and minimal as possible. Now, this could be fine but how do you control the A/C, how do you point the jets at you? There are no dials, there are no switches and toggles.

Tesla Model 3 dashboard

What you do is you hit this button (as shown in the picture) on the big touchscreen and as you can see, they are dual controls and you can start to have it just as one jet focused wherever. Or can also choose two separate jets option so that you can control which way they face. It’s actually a lot easier and more versatile than a normal air conditioning jet.

Key Card

If you have your Tesla Model 3 but you don’t have a smartphone then what happens? Well, Tesla will give you little key cards that look kind of like the cards you get to get into your hotel room. all you have to do is maybe put it in your purse and wallet and to unlock the car, simply tap it besides the window of your car and that’s what opens it. To lock it, do the same. It’s actually also really handy if you need to hand off your car to someone and obviously, you’re not going to give your phone to some other person. you just give them one of these and you might have to tell them how to use it.

Use Smartphone to Unlock Tesla Model 3

One of the ways it is most different is that it doesn’t actually come with a car key, a traditional car key. Instead of the traditional car key, you can do everything that your car key would be able to do normally using your smartphone. If you want to control your car using the smartphone then go to the app store and download the Tesla app and then you pair your phone with the car via Bluetooth so that from there you’ll be able to unlock it using your smartphone, you can check your car’s charging status and even open the frunk.

Hidden Charging Port

If you look on the outside of the Tesla Model 3 you will see there are no unsightly blemishes like a gas tank cover.

Tesla Model 3 Charging Port

Instead, it has a charge port that is hidden right beside the back-side indicators, its hidden behind this reflector so that it looks very clean and very out of the way.

Saurav Revankar
Saurav Revankar
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