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Tesla Rolls Out Adaptive Headlights Update for Model 3, Y, S, and X Including Older Models

Tesla is making driving at night easier and safer for some of their older models like the Model 3, Model Y, and Model S/X. They’ve added a new feature called Adaptive Headlights through a software update 2024.8. This update has already started rolling out to these Tesla models in Europe.

With Adaptive Headlights, the headlights can adjust their beam pattern to better illuminate curves and bends in the road as you’re driving. It’s a cool new technology that promises to make nighttime driving a lot more convenient and safe.

The vehicles equipped with the required hardware for matrix LED headlights are beginning to receive this cutting-edge functionality.

Tesla Adaptive Matrix Headlights

Tesla Software Update 2024.8

Adaptive High Beams

With Tesla’s new Adaptive High Beam feature, the headlights can detect other vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists on the road. It then selectively dims portions of the high beam headlight to avoid blinding those vehicles or people while still providing optimal illumination for the driver.

To enable Adaptive High Beams, Tesla owners simply need to access the vehicle settings menu, navigate to the Lights section, and select the Adaptive High Beams option. The straightforward process reflects Tesla’s focus on user-friendly technology integration.

By allowing more frequent high beam usage without creating glare issues, the Adaptive High Beam system intends to enhance driver visibility at night while also promoting a safer driving environment for all road users. The innovation demonstrates Tesla’s ongoing efforts to leverage technology to improve safety aspects of their vehicles.

One-Time Charge Limit and Security Enhancements

The 2024.8 software update from Tesla brings a couple of notable new features and improvements. One addition is a One-Time Charge Limit option designed for drivers planning longer road trips. This allows owners to temporarily increase the charge limit beyond the recommended level for regular daily driving. After using the higher one-time limit, the charge limit automatically reverts back to the typical setting.

In addition to the new charge option, the 2024.8 update includes security enhancements for Tesla vehicles. The company continues working to ensure their cars remain innovative leaders while also prioritizing driver and vehicle safety through system updates.

Tesla to Rollout Adaptive Matrix Headlights OTA Update for All Models

Tesla’s Innovation

Tesla’s approach involves not just introducing brand new features, but also enhancing the functionality of their existing vehicle lineup through over-the-air software updates. This strategy helps extend the usable lifespan of Tesla cars while continuously improving the overall driving experience for owners globally.

Rather than having static vehicle capabilities frozen at the time of purchase, Tesla owners essentially get “upgraded” cars over time as the company pushes out new software that unlocks additional functionalities and improvements. It’s an innovative way for Tesla to provide added value to customers long after the initial sale.


The 2024.8 update has already been detected on Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, raising expectations for a broader rollout across more regions in the coming weeks. Tesla is working to obtain the necessary certifications and approvals for these new features in different markets, demonstrating their commitment to complying with applicable regulations and safety standards.

As Tesla continues innovating and advancing automotive technology, owners can anticipate an ever-evolving driving experience through future software updates. The new Adaptive Headlights capability is simply the latest example of how Tesla aims to keep their vehicles at the forefront of technical innovations while also prioritizing driver safety and satisfaction.

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