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Racer’s Shocking Revelation About Tesla Model S Plaid’s Terrifying Instability at Top Speeds

YouTuber and driving instructor Misha Charoudin is a well-known name around the iconic Nürburgring circuit. So, when he took the Tesla Model S Plaid out for a spin around his familiar racing playground, expectations were high. However, what Misha discovered left him both astonished and disappointed.

Beyond the realm of hardware, criticisms surrounding the Tesla Model S Plaid extend to other aspects as well. Tesla’s distinctive yoke steering wheel, with its unconventional design, drew flak for being uncomfortable and overly wide, potentially compromising safe manoeuvring.

This unconventional choice raised concerns among drivers and enthusiasts alike. Furthermore, Misha Charoudin highlighted another aspect that fell short of expectations. While the seats provided a comfortable experience, they were deemed less than ideal for track driving, where precise control and support are paramount.

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Tesla Model S Not So Perfect For The Track Says Racer

Tesla Model S Plaid On Nürburgring Circuit

While there’s no denying the jaw-dropping speed of the Plaid, its dynamic behaviour failed to live up to the incredible performance it promised. It was like watching a magician perform mind-blowing tricks, only to realize that the showmanship didn’t quite match the awe-inspiring illusions.

Nevertheless, even with its shortcomings, the Model S Plaid remains a true patriot of Tesla’s relentless pursuit of pushing the boundaries of electric performance.

During a recent outing, YouTuber, racer, and driving instructor Misha Charoudin embarked on a test drive adventure with a stock Model S Plaid at the Nurburgring. The purpose of this expedition was to assess the car’s performance on the iconic track, and Misha documented the entire experience, even sharing the driving duties with a friend along the way.

This hands-on evaluation provided valuable insights into the capabilities of the production Model S Plaid.

While a stripped-out, modified version of the Plaid previously held the Nurburgring EV record for a considerable period of time, it became evident that the stock production car is not explicitly designed to excel on the track. Sebastian Vittel (not Sebastian Vettel) made the laps around Nordschleife rather easily early this year with an upgraded Tesla Model S. Johannes Van Overbeek too, set a record in 2021 driving inside a Tesla on the track.

The experience shed light on the stock Plaid’s performance characteristics and highlighted its strengths and limitations in a real-world track setting.

Misha Charoudin Reaction

In a recent video shared on his personal YouTube channel, Misha had the opportunity to test drive the eagerly awaited brand-new Model S Plaid, courtesy of one of his dedicated followers who happened to be the proud owner of this electric powerhouse.

Excitement filled the air as they embarked on a thrilling adventure on the Nordschleife. However, amidst the anticipation, an unexpected twist unfolded. A quick test on the track served as a reminder that even though the Plaid boasts an impressive overflow of performance capabilities, it struggles with stability when pushed to its limits, particularly on a technical circuit like the Nürburgring.

The driver’s surprise was not so much in the car’s incredible acceleration and power, which was expected, but rather in its instability and inability to maintain composure when pushed to the edge. It was a humbling reminder that conquering the ring requires more than sheer speed—it demands a delicate balance of power and control.

But Model S Plaid’s biggest concern? It’s a braking system.

It seems that Tesla underestimated just how much stopping power this beast would require. But fear not, for the automaker has a solution! They’ve graciously made available the oh-so-expensive Track Pack, which includes those fancy carbon-ceramic brakes that could empty your wallet faster than the Plaid accelerates. However, in this particular test, the braking issue took a backseat to a more “concerning” matter: the car’s dynamic behaviour.

It turns out that when it comes to acceleration, the Model S Plaid can be a bit of a daredevil, throwing caution to the wind and leaving safety in the rearview mirror.

What To Expect In The Future?

As the long-awaited Tesla Track Pack aims to tackle the Model S Plaid’s braking woes, it falls short when it comes to addressing suspension problems. Misha Charoudin, in his evaluation, concluded that while the Plaid shines in straight-line speed, it falters when faced with the challenges of track conditions.

To be fair, it’s important to remember that the Plaid is a sedan and not a dedicated supercar built with track performance in mind. Nevertheless, considering the power and weight of the Plaid, one would expect better braking capabilities as standard.

Yet, Tesla’s solution comes at a price, as they expect owners to dig deep into their pockets and fork out an additional $15,000 for the privilege of carbon ceramic brakes.

by u/TooMuchTaurine from discussion Pro Racing Driver Describes Tesla Model S Plaid As "Dangerously Fast And Unstable" | Misha Charoudin was deeply unimpressed with the Plaid’s suspension and brakes.
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TooMuchTaurine on Reddit aptly justifies the real-world performance of Tesla EVs saying,
“It’s a family sedan, of course, it doesn’t track well. It wasn’t designed for that..”.


In theory, the Tesla Model S Plaid is like a superhero, armed with 1020 horsepower and an ability to go from 0 to 60 faster than you can say “zoom!” It’s the kind of car that makes you wonder if time travel is secretly on Elon Musk’s to-do list.

But, let’s face it, even though it’s impressively swift in a straight line, the Plaid isn’t exactly cut out for the racetrack. It’s like a powerful cheetah trying to manoeuvre through a maze of corners designed by a mischievous mouse.

Sure, a stripped-out, modified version may have claimed the Nürburgring EV record for a while, but the production model is more suited to capturing hearts on the streets than breaking lap records. So, while the Plaid may not be a track-focused beast, it’s still an electrifying force in the real world, ready to turn heads and make conventional sports cars green with envy.

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