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Tesla Cybertruck Can Navigate 100m of Water as a Boat with New Mod Package

From the inception of the Roadster to the mass-market appeal of the Model 3, Tesla’s journey has been marked by groundbreaking innovations. In this continuum of innovation, the Tesla Cybertruck emerges as a symbol of the company’s bold and unconventional approach. The Cybertruck, with its futuristic design and robust features, has already captured the imagination of the automotive world.

However, a new dimension was added to its allure when Elon Musk hinted at its potential to traverse water. This concept elevates the Cybertruck from a mere terrestrial vehicle to something akin to an amphibious craft, opening a new chapter in Tesla’s history of innovative feats.

Tesla Cybertruck Boat Float

Does Tesla Cybertruck Float

Elon Musk’s vision for Tesla has always been characterized by a blend of practicality and science-fiction-like ambition. In line with this, his previous statements about the Cybertruck’s ability to float, albeit briefly, sparked curiosity and excitement among fans and skeptics alike. Musk’s vision is not just a fanciful idea but a peek into the potential future of EVs, where versatility extends beyond traditional road use.

While we aim to delve deeper into the historical context of these developments, our efforts are met with a limitation. The specific Motor Trend article, which potentially sheds more light on Musk’s initial claims and the developmental journey of the Cybertruck’s water traversal capabilities, remains inaccessible due to restrictions.

Can Teslas Float Like a Boat? What Happened to Elon’s Claim on Floating Tesla for a Short Time

However, this does not diminish the significance of Tesla’s endeavor; it merely shapes our understanding based on the available public statements and general knowledge surrounding Tesla’s innovative journey.

Lars Moravy’s Insight into the Cybertruck’s Capabilities

The narrative of the Tesla Cybertruck’s aquatic potential recently gained substantial momentum with a statement from Lars Moravy, Tesla’s VP of Engineering. Moravy revealed an intriguing aspect of the Cybertruck’s design: its near-floating ability. This statement not only confirmed previous speculations but also highlighted Tesla’s commitment to exploring uncharted territories in vehicle functionality. According to Moravy, the Cybertruck’s design and build give it a unique buoyancy, suggesting that, with the right modifications, it could effectively navigate water bodies.

Adding to this revelation, Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, took to Twitter to announce a groundbreaking development: a modification package that would enable the Cybertruck to function as a boat. This announcement is not just a testament to Tesla’s innovative spirit but also a clear indication of the company’s willingness to turn what might seem like science fiction into reality. Musk’s vision of a multi-terrain Cybertruck underscores his approach to redefining the capabilities of electric vehicles.

Tesla Cybertruck Boat Mod

The modification package, as envisioned by Tesla, is designed to transform the Cybertruck from an all-terrain vehicle into an amphibious one. This package is expected to include a range of modifications, each tailored to ensure the Cybertruck’s functionality and safety in water.

A critical component of this transformation involves upgrading the cabin door seals. This upgrade is essential to ensure the vehicle remains watertight when traversing water. The focus on cabin door seals highlights Tesla’s attention to detail and its commitment to maintaining the integrity and safety of the vehicle’s interior, especially its electrical systems, in aquatic environments.

The development of this mod package presents a unique set of engineering challenges. The primary concern is ensuring that the vehicle can withstand the pressures of water traversal without compromising its structural integrity or electrical systems. Tesla’s engineering team, known for their innovative problem-solving skills, is likely to employ advanced materials and design techniques to overcome these challenges.

Potential Applications and Benefits

The introduction of the water traversal mod package for the Tesla Cybertruck opens up a plethora of new possibilities for its owners. This feature is not just a novelty; it represents a significant expansion in the utility and versatility of the vehicle. Owners could potentially use their Cybertrucks for activities that were previously unimaginable for a standard electric pickup truck.

Benefits of Cybertruck’s Boat Mod

  • Crossing Water Bodies: For those living in coastal areas or near rivers and lakes, the ability to traverse short stretches of water could be incredibly useful. It could turn a routine drive into an adventurous journey, allowing owners to explore areas that were previously inaccessible by road.
  • Navigating Flood Zones: In regions prone to flooding, the Cybertruck’s ability to navigate through water could be a game-changer. During floods, roads often become impassable, but a Cybertruck equipped with this mod package could provide a reliable means of transportation in emergency situations.
  • Recreational Use: Beyond practical applications, the Cybertruck could become a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts. It could be used for camping trips near water bodies, offering a unique experience of driving through shallow waters to reach the perfect spot.


Tesla’s move to introduce a water traversal feature for the Cybertruck is likely to have a significant impact on the EV market. It sets a new benchmark for what electric vehicles can achieve, pushing beyond traditional limitations and expectations. Tesla’s willingness to explore such unconventional features is likely to inspire other manufacturers in the EV space. This could lead to a wave of innovation, with companies striving to add unique capabilities to their vehicles.

The Cybertruck’s amphibious capability challenges the conventional understanding of vehicle utility. It encourages a rethinking of how vehicles can serve multiple purposes, potentially leading to a new category of multi-terrain EVs. This development aligns with the growing demand for sustainable yet versatile transportation solutions. It demonstrates that environmental responsibility does not have to come at the expense of functionality and adventure.

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