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Tesla To Release “Auto Shift” Feature To All Cars With FSD

Recently, Tesla announced full self-driving subscription packages for their cars. All Tesla cars with Hardware 3.0 (FSD computer) or higher can use a subscription plan to enable FSD. Tesla owners can subscribe to plans starting from $99 through the mobile app or official website. The interesting fact is it will also enable the “Auto Shift” feature on your Tesla.

Tesla Auto Shift

Tesla To Release “Auto Shift” Feature To All Cars With FSD

“Auto Shift” feature for Tesla Model 3 and Y

Elon had unveiled this feature during the Tesla Model S Plaid delivery event. It is now exclusively available for Model S Plaid but soon you will be able to see this feature in every Tesla.

It was when a tweet from Tesla FSD Beta V9 tester who mentioned that Tesla started navigating to the restaurant automatically when the user got a confirmation email from the restaurant on his phone. He also tweets about the ability of the car to pull gear shifter and FSD to reach the restaurant. While replying to his tweet, Elon says that the feature would possibly come as an option to all Tesla cars with FSD.

Tesla “Auto Shift” feature use case

Using the Auto Shift feature, the car can actually able to set up everything for you once you enter the car. The car will use various inputs from the sensor to detect your presence in the car and set the things accordingly. For example, the car will automatically set reverse gear if it detects any obstacle while parking. This feature is currently in Beta so if you don’t trust this then you can disable it any time.

Our Thoughts

Having the “Auto Shift” feature in Tesla Model 3 and Model Y is a great thing. Now, this feature can be widely used by many Tesla owners as earlier it was only available for Model S Plaid. The “Auto Shift” feature is currently in beta but giving access to other Tesla cars will also help Tesla’s AI to learn the user behavior quickly. But, remember you need FSD subscription to use this feature which will cost money. It would be great if Tesla just rolls out this feature for free even without FSD subscription.

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Saurav Revankar
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  1. Own a 2017 Model S. The 3 and Y (both obviously cheaper) have been getting all the upgrades even though I have the FSD. Food for thought.


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