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Resident Unplugs Tesla Model 3 & Puts Weird Warning Note on the Car

As a consumer, whenever a battery comes in a product, the first thing that crosses our mind is whether it will blow up if we accidentally overcharge it, or charge the product in extreme heat. Tesla’s aren’t any different. As Tesla is now an international car manufacturer, many people have risen up to ask this question. People who live in Saudi Arabia, India, Egypt, places where temperatures get high actually have this fear that the battery may blow up. Electric vehicles are more dangerous than ICE vehicles because batteries are one of the most common misconceptions. On the contrary, according to the stats EV’s catch less fire than ICE vehicles.

Resident Unplugs Tesla Model 3 & Puts Warning Note on the Car

Resident Unplugs Tesla Model 3 & Puts Warning Note on the Car

Some Incidents Regarding the batteries

United States

One such incident occurred where a “concerned citizen” took matters into his own hands. While he was out for a walk, he saw a Tesla Model 3 in a parking lot being charged. The person went over and unplugged the car from the charging. After unplugging the car the “concerned citizen” even took the efforts of pasting a note near the charging port. The note said,” overcharging in this heat will blow up this battery.”. In addition to this, he also wrote: “Google Tesla battery blow up”.

Tesla Google Fire

The owner was quite shocked by this. A few things surprised the actions of the “concerned citizens”, like his effort to tape the note to the charging port rather than just slipping it under vipers. The owner went on to tell that the temperature that day wasn’t even that hot, it was somewhere around 86 degrees.

China, Beijing

A case where Tesla actually blew up just hours after its delivery was in Beijing. A Tesla blew up in parking in Shanghai. According to various reports, the car blew up due to an impact to the underside of the car. Luckily no people were harmed in the explosion. The explosion occurred due to bottom struck a manhole cover as the driver pulled into the garage. It’s still unclear whether Tesla was manufactured in China or in the USA.

United States, Pennsylvania

Another case occurred in the US. A Tesla Model S Plaid exploded like a flamethrower in mysterious conditions. This explosion occurred due to batteries. As the batteries went up into flames, the driver got locked inside due to a lock malfunction. The driver had to force his way out and was luckily unharmed. The reason for this explosion was the batteries. But what exactly triggered is still unknown. A lawsuit was filed against Tesla by the owner after this explosion.

Tesla Model S Plaid Fire

Tesla Batteries

Tesla always tests its batteries through severe conditions, before they are out for production. The Tesla software always handles the overcharging risks. According to the Tesla stats, approximately one tesla caught for every 205 million miles traveled in a single year. Which are very impressive when compared to the ones that of ICE vehicles. According to the National Fire Protection Association, one ICE vehicle caught fire for every 19 million miles traveled every year.

Tesla launched a new battery for its future EVs called 4680 battery on Tesla’s Battery Day in September 2020. The battery is developed in-house by Tesla. According to the makers, adding and refining new components could result in a more energy-dense battery and also reducing the manufacturing costs by half. As the 4680 is developed in-house, the structure is more fitting in the car. This will help reduce the parts, weight, and cost of the car.

Tesla 4680 Battery Cell


Tesla being the best in the EV category, will always produce the best batteries after putting them through severe tests and rough conditions. Batteries blowing up because of overcharging or due to charging in extreme heat is just a hoax.

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