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Model 3 Owners to Benefit from Tesla’s New Range-Boosting LFP Battery Replacement

Tesla is soon going to start offering retrofit LFP battery upgrades to earlier purchased Model 3s. Now old Tesla owners can easily make the shift without worrying about the dying battery pack.

The catch still is that this upgrade is only applicable for Teslas that are still under warranty. Tesla generally doesn’t prioritize paid battery pack upgrades, though the necessity for such upgrades is rare.

Let’s find out more about it!

Tesla Model 3 LFP Battery

Tesla LFP Battery Upgrade for Model 3 Under Warranty

Tesla Model 3 has been around for seven years now and has seen a bunch of changes too. You can call the adoption of newer lithium-iron-phosphate or LFP battery cells a notable development since then. Tesla’s traditional nickel-based chemistry is still common in higher-end trim models.

Tesla LFP Battery Upgrade

In 2020, Tesla started using a type of battery called lithium-iron-phosphate in the basic versions of the Made-in-China Model 3. Then, a year later, they brought the Model 3 RWD with this battery to the US.

In 2023, they did the same with the Model Y RWD. And now, Tesla extends the option of LFP pack retrofitting even to Model 3 electric vehicles that were originally equipped with 2170 cells.

LFP batteries don’t hold as much energy as nickel-based ones. But they’re cheaper and last longer, especially if you charge them up all the way. Because LFP batteries are cheaper, and more Model 3s have them now.

Tesla is now offering to swap out old batteries for LFP packs under warranty, according to the latest updates from owners.

Benefits of LFP Batteries

Is the LFP battery upgrade better? In a way yes.

  • LFP battery is cheaper
  • Last longer
  • Can be charged to 100%
  • Increased range
  • Extended service life

A Reddit user nicely sums up the advantages of using LFP batteries compared to the older ones by saying, that for him the overall benefits of LFP are greater than the drawbacks.

byu/KeyboardGunner from discussion

Sure, the car might be a bit slower, heavier, and perform slightly worse in winter than the original Standard Range model. But in exchange, you get a battery that lasts longer, is more resistant to how you charge it and is safer in case of an accident or fire. Plus, LFP is much better for the environment.

Who Can Get the Upgrade?

Everyone with their Tesla Model 3 under warranty. Since Tesla started selling the Model 3 in 2017, some cars do need new batteries by now. Good thing, Tesla has an eight-year warranty for the battery pack, so LFP upgrades are covered.

Earlier, Tesla swapped out old 2170-cell battery packs with similar ones using NCA cells made by Panasonic in Nevada. But now, there’s a new trend setting in. Reports say Tesla is suggesting replacing these packs with ones using LFP technology.

This news is coming from a post on X (Twitter), shared by Warren (@Warren_pr1). It seems Tesla might be changing how they handle battery replacements from now on.

Tesla Model 3 LFP Battery Replacement
Credit: Warren via X

Why Tesla Is Offering the Battery Upgrade

Many Tesla owners are pointing out how Tesla is pushing for them to choose an LFP battery upgrade when they need a new battery under warranty. This primarily could be because Tesla doesn’t always have enough parts for the old batteries with nickel cells.

So, it’s easier for them to offer the newer LFP ones.

However, the LFP batteries are heavy as iron is heavier than aluminum. If you want one, you also have to agree to let Tesla upgrade your car’s suspension to balance all that extra weight. This upgrade includes new dampers, spring, and a fresh 4-wheel alignment.

You can still get the same old battery replacement, but it might take longer.

One owner told a website that getting the old battery could even mean waiting a month, while LFP replacements are quicker. This shows Tesla might be trying to fix battery shortages fast to keep their customers happy.


These new batteries, called LFP batteries, do have some advantages like lasting longer and being safer. They’re also a bit better for the environment but they might make the car a little slower and heavier.

Tesla is encouraging owners to choose these upgrades when they need a new battery. This is likely because they might be running low on parts for the old batteries.

Some experts think that Tesla might offer LFP battery replacements even for EVs that are no longer under warranty when the old battery supply gets low. It’ll be interesting to see how much it will cost at that time.

What is your take on LFP?

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