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Tesla aims to drive Cybertruck across US later this year

Since Tesla Cybertruck unveiling last year, Tesla Cybertruck has had only one official public outing when it was displayed at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles since last week. Residents of Los Angeles are the only lucky people who got the chance to see the vehicle in person as Tesla is going to take back the Cybertruck prototype next week. To make a bigger public appearance for the Cybertruck, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk announced his plans for the cross country drive with the Cybertruck Prototype in the latter half of this year.
This is probably after a question raised by a twitter user, Micheal Hodges who asked Musk to bring the Prototype vehicle to the East coast so that fans and followers there can get a glimpse of the machine as well. Elon mentioned his plans for the cross country drive as a response to this tweet.

Tesla aims to drive Cybertruck across US later this year

Tesla aims to drive Cybertruck across the US later this year

It is interesting to know that the last time Tesla announced a cross country trip was for the demonstration of Tesla’s advanced self-driving capabilities but unfortunately this was delayed almost multiple times resulting in Tesla giving up the whole idea of the cross country drive at that time. However this time the idea of the Tesla Cybertruck doing a cross country drive can be a good move to show the prototype to potential buyers giving a much better idea of the vehicle outside the spec sheet, and how it performs in the real world.

The Cybertruck’s design is a polarizing one, you either love it or loathe it. But one fact for sure is that it is very intriguing. The kind of promises it has made as a product is remarkable and will cement a prominent place in the SUV segment because of its price, practicality, ease, and uniqueness. Seeing the vehicle in person can be a very different experience from seeing it in pictures and videos. The displaying of the Cybertruck at Petersen’s museum has been a successful event leading to a lot of reservation holders for the prototype.

Doing a cross country drive is not just for the reservations though, it will prove its grounds and build more trust in the product showing its true nature and capabilities and what extra it has to offer when compared to other big known names in the SUV market. Well talking just about reservations then combined from all the sources Tesla Cybertruck has gathered more than reservations. The demand for Tesla Cybertruck doesn’t seem to slow down anytime in the near future. So this is expected that the cross country drive will create an even bigger demand scenario for the EV Pickup truck. This can unlock huge potential in markets such as Midwest, South, and in the States owing to the popularity of the pickup trucks.

On various forums, people are presenting their views and suggestions regarding the cross country run. One comment mentioned that – It would be a great display of the Cybertruck’s capabilities if it tows an RV while live-streaming the whole trip crossing from Fremont to Miami with a lot of stops throughout the southern region while showing off the truck generating huge buzz around the vehicle. Participation in a tractor pull contest can put up an extraordinary show as it has huge torque figures. This will surely amaze the viewers. Another suggestion goes like go to full 10 yards, take the Semi truck, The Roadster and the Cybertruck on a full lap stop off at all the possible tesla Shops and lastly at the site of a tesla Gigafactory as well as calling in as many Tesla Clubs for barbecue and an event. Such activities will surely convince people to but such an alternative to the big gas-guzzling haulers that have been their favorite since forever.

Final Words

It would be cool as well to use tens of mules for testing at various locations and informing local news agencies that will broadcast the Tesla Cybertruck running on local streets giving huge publicity as well as free advertising. This way Tesla will gain a fairly familiar status for its Cybertruck and will get the benefits against its competitor Electric SUVs like the Rivian R1T or the Hummer Electric Truck. This will simultaneously create awareness for people to care about the environment and but very potent vehicles that are equally capable and practical to use.

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