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Cupra Born: The Stunning Spanish Hatchback Enters EV Game

Cupra is a Spanish carmaker. The German automotive giant Volkswagen acquired this company long back in 1986. It still has a majority share. Cupra is a small automaker that isn’t available in big markets such as the United States, China and India. It is primarily based in Europe. Therefore, people don’t know it in most parts of the world. That is changing now. Cupra has just launched their first electric vehicle: The Cupra El Born.

Cupra Born Front

Cupra Born: The Stunning Spanish Hatchback Enters EV Game

Designers designed the Cupra El Born in the beautiful city of Barcelona which is famous for its climate and cuisine. Although the Cupra was designed in Barcelona, Spain; Volkswagen manufactures it in Germany. VW makes the Cupra in the same factory, on the same production line as the Volkswagen ID. 3. We can call the Cupra Born the better looking Spanish twin of the ID. 3. Cupra Born has a distinct design. It means that there are going to be a lot of haters as well as die-hard fans of this car.


The exterior of the car has a sporty and more aggressive finish. The front of the car looks angrier than the serene front end of the Volkswagen ID. 3. It has the same EV platform as the ID.3 that is the MEB platform. The Cupra Born has copper trims which are customary to all Cupras. On the bonnet of the car, there is a bold Cupra logo which looks cool as it is also copper colored. Copper finish is very rare because companies fear that it won’t look good on the car. But Cupra Born wears this color like a king.

Cupra Born Side

The Cupra Born is currently available in four colors that is Glacial White, Quasar Gray, Aurora Blue, Geyser Silver, Glacial White. It will soon be available in hotter Red and Black colors. The wheels on the car are 20-inch alloy wheels with three finishes which are Blizzard, Hurricane machined Aero wheels and Firestorm machined alloy wheels. The car has a light bar extending end to end at the back of the car. There are additional design features such as the side skirts, copper lines around the vehicle as well as stunning front and rear bumpers. The exterior of this car is much more amazing than the Volkswagen ID.


The driver’s console in this vehicle is engaging. It houses a steering wheel that is easy to drive with with many controls on it. This is unlike the regular electric vehicle. The Cupra El Born has a 12-inch infotainment touch screen that can also be controlled using buttons on the steering wheel. There is a screen in front of the driver that provides basic information as the speed of the vehicle, navigation, time and temperature. The centre console has ample storage space. It also has a wireless charger capable of charging your phone. The overall interior design of the car is like a hatchback racing machine with the driver in mind.

Cupra Born Interior

The company has made seating of the car from vegan plastic. That means the plastics used to make the seats are derived from ocean waste, repurposed and made into the seats of this vehicle. This car is truly a green vehicle that tries to offset the pollution humans have caused. There is nothing extraordinary in the back seats of the vehicle. Even they are very simple, they are very comfortable even for people over 6 feet in height. Cupra has a massage function and heating tech in the front seats of its Cupra Born.

A welcome light shines on the road when a passenger opens the door of the vehicle. There are powerful lights on the front as well as rear end of the vehicle. The car has ambient lighting in its interior. This allows the passengers to set the mood of the vehicle according to their choice. Usually, this feature is available in high-end luxury car. It feels like a nice touch to the design of the vehicle.

Battery and Range

The Cupra Born is a 100% battery electric vehicle. Cupra has designed its own charger; the Cupra Charger for easy charging at home. This is an 11kW AC charger. Whether the car supports fast DC charging is not clear. The estimated range of the Cupra Born is up to 548 kilometers. The car goes from 0-100 kilometers/hour in less than 3 seconds which is extremely fast even for a supercar.

Currently, the Cupra Born is only available in right hand drive. Starting 2022, the company will start manufacturing the Cupra Born in the left hand drive configuration. Orders in the United Kingdom will start in mid-2022. The Cupra Born is priced at 33,379 Euros in Germany where it is manufactured and it will likely cost more in non-European Union countries.

The Cupra Born can be called a GT version of the mundane ID 3. This car is only available in a few countries but it is getting publicity in a lot of different countries. This is due to its exquisite design and also its roots in Spain as well as in Germany. Cupra El Born is available for sale in the European Union starting in late 2021.

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