What Is the Optimal EV Driving Range

What Is the Optimal EV Driving Range? Is It Worth Paying Extra for Greater...

Electric Vehicles are getting better day by day with a better number on the range, auto-drive software, AI, and whatnot. However, the sticker price...
Tesla Model S Fire

Here’s How Tesla Model S Caught Fire After Three Weeks of Being Discarded in...

Are electric cars prone to fires? Is it? Every vehicle is prone to catching fires. How often have you heard about other makes or gas-powered...
Tesla Model 3 Crash Concrete

7 Steps To Take After An Electric Car Crash

CAR CRASH? A car crash can cause INSTANT PANIC!!! When you’re involved in a car crash, your first instinct may be to panic. But knowing what...
Honda Cybertruck (Tesla Cybertruck Clone)

Honda Ripped Off Tesla Cybertruck Design, Here are the details about Cybertruck Lookalike EV

The e:N SUV is one of Honda's new series of EVs, which is set to consist of 10 upcoming models that Honda plans to...
Tesla EV Locks The Owner Out

$140,000 Tesla EV Locks The Owner Out After Battery Died, Here’s What Happened

What will you do if you are locked out of your car? How about spending some $20,000 to get your access back to your car?...
Tesla Windshield Cost

Replacing The Windshield On Tesla Could Cost Whopping $1,500+, Here’s A Real Incident

Although Tesla electric vehicles boast many features, affordability is not one of them. In fact, these EVs became even more expensive in March, with...
Tesla Model 2

$25,000 Tesla Model 2 (2S3XY) Is Coming! Here’s What You Can Expect

Elon Musk is going to change history again with the new addition of the Tesla Model 2 like they did with the Tesla Model...
Tesla New Referral Program

Why Does Tesla’s New Referral Program Make More Sense? Get Every Detail Here

Tesla is definitely adding to the festive times by bringing the referral program back on the Tesla app. The Loot Box is live and active...
Tesla Track Mode

Tesla Is All Set to Release Track Mode for Its Non-performance Cars

Have you ever wished your Tesla had a little more edge on the track? Track Mode allows drivers to customize their vehicle's handling and performance...
Tesla and BMW About Using Apple’s New Carplay Vision

Here Is Why Tesla and BMW Look Puzzled About Using Apple’s New Carplay Vision

Apple announced early collaborations with automakers while giving a CarPlay vision sneak peek at Apple WWDC 2022 event. It looks like the Apple car is...