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Tesla Roadster to Have SpaceX and Drive-by-Wire Tech, 0-60 in Less Than a Second, Says Elon

Elon Musk recently appeared on The Don Lemon Show and discussed the future of Tesla’s upcoming Roadster. This rare conversation offered a glimpse into what’s next for the company as it strives to lead the electric vehicle market. Let’s break down the key details about the highly anticipated Tesla Roadster and its potential impact.

Tesla Roadster SpaceX

Tesla Roadster to Have SpaceX and Drive-by-Wire Tech

Elon Musk shared exciting details about the Roadster, emphasizing its development in collaboration with SpaceX. This unique partnership aims to infuse the Roadster with “rocket technology,” potentially revolutionizing the automotive industry. Musk hinted at the Roadster achieving 0 to 60 mph in under a second, setting a new benchmark for electric sports cars. It also highlights the potential synergies between automotive and aerospace technologies.


Musk’s vision for the Roadster goes beyond traditional car boundaries. By combining Tesla and SpaceX technologies, he suggests creating a vehicle that is “not even really a car,” evoking futuristic travel once confined to sci-fi. While wings or propellers were dismissed for practical reasons, Musk mentioned a “drive by wire” system similar to modern jets. This radical departure from conventional vehicle controls could redefine the driving experience and offer a glimpse into the automotive industry’s potential future direction.

SpaceX Collaboration

The new Tesla Roadster, through its collaboration with SpaceX, represents Tesla’s bold forward-thinking approach. Musk’s limited yet provocative details hint at a vehicle that pushes the limits of speed and performance while challenging our very concept of personal transportation. With promises of unmatched quickness, innovative control systems, and a partnership bridging automotive and aerospace tech, the Roadster could usher in a new era for Tesla and the entire EV industry.

Tesla Roadster SpaceX Package

As previously mentioned by Elon, the Tesla Roadster was set to be equipped with a groundbreaking SpaceX package. This collaboration between Tesla and SpaceX aims to incorporate cold gas thrusters into the vehicle, which Elon Musk has confirmed will enable it to achieve 0-60 mph in an unprecedented 1.1 seconds (now it is less than 1 seconds as per Elon).

This integration of aerospace technology into automotive design showcases an innovative approach to enhancing vehicle acceleration and overall performance, positioning the Roadster as a landmark achievement in the evolution of electric vehicles. The combination of electric power and SpaceX’s rocket technology not only sets new performance benchmarks but also underscores the potential for cross-industry technologies to create vehicles that offer extraordinary capabilities.

Elon Musk on Tesla’s Resilience and Innovation

Despite ups and downs in Tesla’s stock value, Musk remains focused on product quality and innovation. He highlighted the Model Y’s impressive feat as the best-selling car worldwide last year, moving over 1.2 million units despite its premium pricing. This achievement demonstrates Tesla’s commitment to excellence, strong market position, and consumer trust in its products.

With over a million orders already placed for the Cybertruck, its introduction marks a major milestone for Tesla. It showcases the brand’s innovative capabilities and the public’s demand for unique, cutting-edge vehicles. Musk calls the Cybertruck a “once-in-a-decade” product, setting high expectations for Tesla’s next reveal – the Roadster.


As anticipation builds, the automotive world is closely watching for further Roadster announcements. Musk’s conversation with Don Lemon has set the stage for a vehicle that could eclipse predecessors and redefine what’s possible for electric vehicles. With roots in both the earth and stars, the Tesla Roadster is gearing up to be more than just a car – it’s a glimpse into the future of transportation.

Saurav Revankar
Saurav Revankar
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