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Tesla Owners Received Christmas Easter Egg Update Ahead of Holiday Update

Tesla released the latest software update, 2020.48.10, yesterday. At first glance, it seems like Tesla has just ironed out the kinks from 2020.48.5. However, many owners have found ‘Easter Eggs’ in this software update. These easter eggs are hinting towards the release of the Holiday update soon.

Tesla Owners Received Christmas Easter Egg Update Ahead of Holiday Update

Software Update 2020.48.10

A Reddit user gained access to one of these Christmas Easter Eggs after downloading the latest software version. The Redditor shared a screenshot, which shows the Tesla avatar changed into Santa’s sleigh in the interface. The “Camp Mode” image reportedly has multicoloured light strings, keeping in sync with the festive atmosphere.

Ho Ho Ho – 2020.48.10 from teslamotors

Other owners have also added details about this Easter Egg as well. Apparently, the robot dog that appears in the Dog Mode display also features in one of the sleigh’s chairs. According to one of the owners, you need to say “Ho Ho Ho” or “Ho Ho Ho not funny” to access the Easter Egg. The Santa Mode can also be activated through the toybox.

While all owners worldwide received this update overnight, it doesn’t appear to be the holiday update. Owners from the USA, China and Europe have received this update. However, the return of Santa Mode is just a Christmas teaser. The holiday update is expected to arrive before Christmas.

News About Holiday Update

Last month, Elon Musk had tweeted about the holiday update. He had said that the update is expected to be ‘fire’, as concluded from his use of two emojis. The 2020.48.10 has been released shortly after 2020.48.5. Given that the update contains Santa Mode, it means that the holiday update is in the works already. Tesla was, most likely, looking to work out all bugs from 2020.48.5 through the release of 2020.48.10 before releasing the holiday version.

When asked what to expect from this update, Musk replied that it will be a combination of ‘so many things you want’ and ‘some you didn’t know you wanted’.

Our Opinion

The holiday update seems to be an important one for Tesla. That’s why they wanted to fix all bugs from the earlier software version, before releasing it. With a lot of interesting developments going on in Tesla vehicles right now (read: autonomy), we can expect interesting features from this update.

Don’t forget that December marks the end of a hugely successful year for Tesla. But, it also marks the end of Q4, and that means the company will be looking to earn quick bucks. This means paid updates to improve quarterly figures, and that is something the customers will have to expect from the company.

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