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Tesla Model S Plaid May Come With Retractable Spoiler, Prototype Spotted On Race Track

A Tesla Model S Plaid prototype was spotted again. However, this car had a very unique retractable spoiler system. The car was at the Laguna Seca race track trying to beat some kind of record.

Tesla Model S Plaid May Come With Retractable Spoiler, Prototype Spotted On Race Track

The hype surrounding the Tesla Model S Plaid keeps on growing. The car is one of the most anticipated vehicles already, However, this new development is creating even more waves. The car is due for launch alongside the updated Model S range. Tesla is pushing all the boundaries of performance with the Plaid. They announced the Plaid with 390 miles (627 km) of range, a 200 mph (320 kph) top speed, and a 0-60 time of 1.99 seconds. The hype surrounding this car is already very high and with every update, it keeps rising. While the aforementioned figures were for the Plaid model, the Plaid+ model will feature a range of 520 miles (836 km), a sub 1.99 second 0-60 time, and a 9-second quarter-mile time.

The latest update on the Plaid

This new prototype spotted at the Laguna Seca features a retractable spoiler. While the spoiler might feature only on the Plaid+ variant, it is still a very interesting development. Tesla is using the Laguna Seca racetrack for its testing purposes and the brand new Model S has already set an unofficial timing in the 1:30 region. This puts it 2 seconds behind the record-breaking Porsche 911 GT2 RS. While electric cars are quick in a straight line, such lap times mean that Tesla has managed to get other components of their performance variant right.

Tesla Model S Plaid With Retractable Spoiler
The Plaid prototype featuring the retractable spoiler

A spoiler is used to increase the grip that the rear end has by increasing the downforce on the rear end. This in turn means that the car can go faster through corners. While most performance cars feature spoilers, this retractable system is very interesting. Although the surreal straight-line speeds will still attract potential buyers, such interesting setups can help make the car more balanced. It is definitely an interesting move that has the potential to pay dividends to Tesla.

So far Tesla has been more about straight-line speeds than lap times. But this new Plaid+ model might be a step in the other direction. It definitely has the headline figures while also featuring all these gimmicky features which will make it a hoot to drive. This development will surely increase the hype for the Roadster as well. While the Plaid+ is a sedan, such interesting components could make an even bigger difference when applied to an electric sports car. The excitement keeps increasing.

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