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How Long Does it take to Charge a Tesla

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Tesla is one of the leading car company and they make electric cars that are reliable and practical. One of the factors that make this company unique is their technologies such as Supercharging Technology and Autopilot system. Tesla Supercharger allows you to make a brief stop at one of their Tesla Supercharger stations to charge your car very quickly and be on your way. Tesla Supercharging stations can distribute the maximum output of 120 kW per car. The charging time for your Tesla car is also dependent on the current battery percentage and the type of charging station.

How Long Does it take to Charge a Tesla

How Long Does it take to Charge a Tesla

There are different types of chargers are available to charge the battery of Tesla cars. There are four types of charger available for Tesla cars- NEMA 5-15NEMA 14-50Wall connectorsTesla Superchargers. The NEMA 5-15 plugs into standard charge outlet but it is extremely slow to charge, it can charge Tesla car at 3 miles per hour rate. The NEMA 14-50 plugs into 240v wall outlet and it can charge the car’s battery completely in around 10 hours. The Wall connectors are like the home charging station which offers by Tesla, using these wall connectors you can charge your Tesla within 10 hours. Tesla Supercharger is the fastest among all the chargers, it can charge the car fully within an hour.

How Long Does it take to Charge a Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

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Recently, Tesla has stopped selling the 75D version of the Tesla Model S which had the 75kWh battery. The Tesla is currently selling the 100D and P100D versions of Tesla Model S which has 100 kWh battery. The NEMA 5-15 connector charge Tesla at 3 miles per hour rate and Tesla Model S 100D has 335 miles of range so it would take around 112 hours to charge Tesla Model S using NEMA 5-15 charger. This charging time will be the same for P100D model as both models have 100 kWh battery pack. Tesla takes around 32A through NEMA 14-50 adapter and the Model S takes around 10 hours to charge fully using NEMA 14-50 adapter. The Wall Charger would be a better solution if you don’t have Tesla Supercharger nearby, the Wall Charger takes around 48A Amps so it can fully charge your Tesla Model S within 7 to 8 hours. The Tesla Supercharger provides 120 kW output which can charge Model S to 80% within 1 hour, for the last 20%, batteries take a long time to charge.

NEMA 5-15112 hours
NEMA 14-5010 hours with 30 Amps
Wall Connector7 to 8 hours
Tesla Supercharger80% in an hour

How Long Does it take to Charge a Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 comes with 3 models- Mid-Range Battery, Long-Range Battery, and Performance model. The Mid-Range model has 62 kWh of battery and Long-Range and Performance model has 75 kWh of battery. The NEMA 5-15 adapter can charge the Mid-Range model in around 88 hours and it will take around 105 hours to fully charge the Long-Range model and Performance model. The Mid-Range version takes 8 to 10 hours to charge model 3 using NEMA 14-50 adapter and Wall connector takes 6 to 9 hours to fully charge Mid-Range version. The Long-Range version takes around 9 to 11 hours to charge the battery using NEMA 14-50 adapter and Wall Connector takes 7 to 10 hours. As we have mentioned earlier, the Tesla Supercharger is the fastest among all. It takes around 1 hour to charge model 3 to 75%, many people have experienced that Supercharging speed of Model 3 is not as good as the Tesla Model S.

NEMA 5-1588 hours
NEMA 14-508 to 10 hours
Wall Connector6 to 9 hours
Tesla Supercharger1n1/2 hours

Update- Recently Tesla launched the Base versions of Tesla Model 3 i.e Standard Range and Standard Range Plus. The Standard version has the 50 kWh battery pack so you can expect less time to charge this version of Model 3.

How Long Does it take to Charge a Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

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The Model X is Tesla’s first SUV which has great battery range and performance, the Model X comes with 2 options- Long Range and Performance model both are having Dual Motor All-Wheel-Drive and 100 kWh battery pack. The NEMA 5-15 connector can charge Tesla Model X at 3 miles per hour rate and so it would take around 98 hours to charge 100 kWh battery. The 240 volt NEMA 14-50 charger can charge the battery of Model X within 7 hours at 40 Amps rate. The 48 Amps Tesla Wall Charger takes around 7 to 8 hours to fully charge Model X but the good thing is you can charge the Tesla at the home. The Tesla Supercharger can fully charge Tesla Model X within 1 and 1/2 hours.

NEMA 5-1598 hours
NEMA 14-507 hours
Wall Connector7 to 8 hours
Tesla Supercharger1n1/2 hours

How Long Does it take to Charge a Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y is going to derive from Model 3’s platform so might have the same battery pack as Model 3 so the charging time for the Tesla Model Y can be the same as Model 3, we will update the information once it is officially released.

How Long Does it take to Charge a Tesla Roadster

Tesla Roadster

The Tesla Roadster is going to come with 2 models- The limited edition founder series which costs $250,000 and the regular one having $200,000 price tag. The Roadster would have 620 miles of range with that 200 kWh battery. Having battery twice as the P100D, the number of miles the Roadster battery would last would be twice that of the P100D using the same battery technology and design. Charging the Tesla Roadster which has 200 kWh battery using NEMA 5-15, NEMA 14-50 and even with Wall Charger does not make any sense because it requires ages to charge the Roadster. The Tesla Supercharger might be the only way to charge Roadster quickly, even the current version of Supercharger will take around 3 hours to charge the Roadster so Tesla will have to introduce the Supercharger v3.

Future charging technologies by Tesla

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CEO Elon Musk had teased the version 3.0 of Tesla Supercharger with over 350 kW power output in December 2016 but after he added that the 350 kW charger does not actually make a sense unless you’ve got a monster battery pack or have like a crazy high C-rate, in which case your energy density is going to be poor. Elon Musk definitely going to be improving the Supercharger technology and he sees the path to 200 to 250 kW. Actually, it makes sense to have 350 kW charger though Tesla Roadster is going to have a massive 200 kWh battery. The Porsche Mission E is going to have a 350-kW charge rate and Porsche has partnered with other car makers to make this high capacity charging infrastructure so Tesla should think about 350 kW supercharger.

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  1. There are graphs available which show the relative charge rate for each SOC percentage so that you can nearly immediately see how long it will take to reach a higher SOC at a supercharger.


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