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Audi Teases E-Tron GT Production Version Ahead Of Full Reveal

Audi is getting ready to start the production of their electric supercar, the e-tron GT, and yesterday, they unveiled a “progressive sound” for the vehicle. The e-tron GT is set to be an exciting addition to the current list of electric supercars, and its design will be based on the Porsche Taycan, as the e-tron GT is set to be a collaboration of Porsche and Audi. With Porsche already having a base ready for the Taycan in terms of charging networks and an overall market, the e-tron GT will get a nice foundation to build up from.

Audi Teases E-Tron GT Production Version

Audi Teases E-Tron GT Production Version

Audi released a video that gave glimpses of the production and sound of the new model, along with a caption, that says “Passion for detail, maximum precision, and top quality: The new Audi e-tron GT reflects all the passion with which Audi develops and builds cars. For the production of the electrically powered Gran Turismo at Audi Böllinger Höfe at the Neckarsulm site, the company uses customized new technologies – however, the finishing touches are applied by highly skilled hands. And since the dynamic work of art must also sound good, Audi has brought musical flair and technical competence to bear in composing a unique sound for the e-tron GT. It sounds powerful and progressive – just as an Audi should.”

The Sound Release

One of the interesting things is that the sound that Audi has created for the car can be adjusted by the driver if it’s not something you like. The e-sound for the e-tron GT has been developed with musical creativity and technical competence and has been designed on the computer, in the sound lab, and in the car. It consists of a total of 32 individual sound elements, which have been weighed and modulated based on drive management data. These sound characteristics can then be adjusted across multiple stages. The vehicle will come with an optional sound package, and it will consist of two control units in the luggage compartment, two external loudspeakers on the car, and two internal loudspeakers in the rear doors.

Production of Audi e-tron GT

The production of the e-tron GT will take place at the Audi Böllinger Höfe, which is Audi’s factory a few miles outside Heilbronn in south-west Germany. The factory opened in 2014, and the production line of the e-tron GT is expected to bring a unique combination of craftsmanship and smart factory technology to life, according to the Head of Production Wolfgang Schanz.

The body shop for the e-tron GT will be 85% automated, with as many as ten stations manned by a total of 34 robots. The production line will consist of optimum area management with a body assembly line along which each model will pass twice. A two-way framer will combine multiple manufacturing steps on limited floor space. High precision is one of Audi’s mantras, and the precision in the production of the e-tron GT will be no less, as they will be using correlation-free inline measurement. This new technology allows a maximum possible deviation of just +/- 0.2 millimeters – definitely at Audi’s high standard.

Another feature of the production line that is unique to the Volkswagen Group is the joint assembly line of the e-tron GT and the R8, despite the fact that they use different technology concepts.

The conveyor technologies used in the factory line will also be new, with as many as 20 driverless transport vehicles, electrically powered overhead conveyor rail and an autonomous transfer station. There will be a human-robot cooperation for bonding the front and rear windows, as Audi is looking to combine automation with craftsmanship. There will also be assembled aids from the 3D printer that are customized based on employee ideas.

Audi e-tron GT Specs

The Audi e-tron GT will deliver a 434 kW (590 hp) worth of power, with a Quattro permanent all-wheel drive transferring the torque to the wheels aided by torque vectoring to provide a dynamic ride. The car can accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in 3.5 seconds, with flat and wide along with a long wheelbase being the basic design for the supercar. The lightweight body is manufactured using a multi-material construction. The top speed of the car is 240 kmph, which has been regulated to maximize the range of the vehicle, which will be over 400 kilometers according to the WLTP standard. The car will be driven by a 90 kWh Li-ion battery, and the low center of gravity, comparable with the R8, ensures dynamic handling. The car is set to have superb directional stability, according to Audi, which will be aided by all-wheel steering. The interior of the vehicle reminds you that you’re sitting inside an Audi, with a mix of technology, comfort, and class.

Combustion vehicle manufacturers are slowly making the move towards electric mobility, and with heavyweights like Porsche and Audi collaborating on a project like this definitely sounds exciting. While supercars may not be the best direction to move in to attract customers towards electric cars, this car will definitely showcase what these automakers are capable of doing with the renewed technology. Audi has always believed in achieving the pinnacle of automotive engineering when it comes to the manufacturing of their cars, and one can expect nothing less from the e-tron GT.

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