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Watch The Massive Wheelie Of All Electric Mustang Cobra Jet 1400

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The EV drag race has been audience favorite ever since electric cars started roaring silently. Recently we saw how Lucid Air beats Tesla Model S in a quarter-mile race. Now, Ford has also started showing off their EVs abilities. The All-Electric Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 completed a quarter-mile run in just 8.27 seconds. The Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 delivers 1,400 horsepower and over 1,100 ft.-lbs. of instant torque.

Ford believes it can do even better saying “Engineered to pursue towering performance goals without using a drop of fuel, the all-electric Ford Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 prototype has beaten expectations through an intensive testing and development process, blazing through a quarter-mile in 8.27 seconds at 168 miles per hour and reaching 1,502 peak wheel horsepower at a private test. And we believe it still has more to give.”

Saurav Revankar
Saurav Revankar
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