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Watch S3XY Drag Race: Tesla Model S vs 3 vs X vs Y Performance Models

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Tesla’s all models were recently put to test by Throttle House. They did the drag race and roll race between Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y. All Teslas were in their newest Performace trails, Model S and Model X were endowed with the ludicrous plus launch control. Teslas or all-electric cars lose power as they lose their state of charge so all Teslas were Supercharged before arriving at the track for an optimal comparison environment.

Tesla Model S and Model X performance had similar advantages of Ludicrous Mode and both Teslas were set to “Cheetah Stance Launch Mode” to amplify their racing capabilities. In the first Drag race, not surprisingly, the Model S Performance won the race.

The Second race was Roll Race where racing starts from a roll. For Ex- In the 40 mph roll, The race will start at a speed of 40 mph. The Performance Model S leads in the second race also, Model 3 and Model X were almost in the same position.

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