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Upcoming Tesla Cars to Use Lasers as Windshield Wipers

Tesla always is the hub of turning crazy futuristic ideas into life. May it be autopilot driving, having a doge mode in a car, or making a super-fast electric car, Tesla is always the company to it first and in their way. One of the new ideas that the Tesla users have stumbled upon is Tesla’s idea to use lasers as windshield wipers to clean out the debris.

Upcoming Tesla Cars to Use Lasers as Windshield Wipers

Upcoming Tesla Cars to Use Lasers as Windshield Wipers

Elon Musk’s Tesla has the right engineers and proper equipment to bring this idea into reality. Although to a reader it may seem like a crazy concept, once you go through it, you’ll realize that it’s quite feasible. This patent is not something new to be entirely honest. Tesla had filed a patent to use lasers as wipers nearly two years ago. Only, recently has the US government passed the patent and given them the copyright. 

The working of these Lasers

Tesla has named this technology “Pulsed laser cleaning of debris accumulated on glass articles in vehicles and photovoltaic assemblies”. As the name suggests, the sensors will emit a strong laser to remove the debris from the glass. With the help of sensors, the lasers will pinpoint the exact place of debris. The beam and the circulation is controlled by a beam optics assembly.

While submitting the article, Tesla wrote the following in the application:

“A cleaning system for a vehicle includes a beam optics assembly that emits a laser beam to irradiate a region on a glass article of the vehicle, debris detection circuitry that detects debris accumulated over the region, and control circuitry. The control circuitry calibrates a set of parameters associated with the laser beam emitted from the beam optics assembly based on detection of the debris accumulated over the region on the glass article, controls an exposure level of the laser beam on the debris accumulated based on calibration of the set of parameters associated with the laser beam, wherein the exposure level is controlled based on pulsing the laser beam at a calibrated rate that limits penetration of the laser beam to a depth that is less than a thickness of the glass article and removes the debris accumulated over the region on the glass article using the laser beam.”

The patent drawings:

Tesla wiper patentTesla lazer patent


This technology is not restricted to Tesla windshields, it can be used to clean solar panels or to clean our glass surfaces like the autopilot’s camera. However, we can’t expect this tech in the upcoming cybertruck or roadster. Mainly because we are talking about Tesla here, a company famous for delays. Plus for this tech to work properly, it has to go through some severe tests and polishing. With working with some such strong lasers, it is not enough that they work well but also system mustn’t malfunction in different conditions, as direct interaction with skin or eye may cause burning or blindness respectively. 

The Cybertruck, when it came out with designs, had electromagnetic wipers. Something far more realistic than lasers. Yet people were calling that impossible. Companies go out and take patents for every bright idea they have sketched up. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are gonna successfully build that product. Making a product that’s safe, and easy to manufacture is a difficult task with these ideas. But with Tesla in question, we may end up with this tech in a few years.

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