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Tesla Model X Power Front Doors Are Back With New Features in 2024.20.1 Update

Tesla’s new software update, 2024.20.1, introduces several new features, but the prime highlight from the lot is the return of the Model X’s power front doors.

When Tesla removed the ultrasonic sensors from the Model X in 2023, it also took away the automatic front doors.

Many Model X owners were not very happy with the removal of the feature. Now, with this update, the doors can open and close by themselves again, bringing back a favorite feature for many Model X owners.

Tesla Model X power front door

Model X Power Front Door Feature Is Back

A user on X shared the first footage of the reinstated powered front door feature on X where one can clearly that the front doors are opening on their own.

Users on X cannot get enough of the re-introduced feature as all praise the move by Tesla. One user even mentioned how this feature is enough to make Tesla outshine all its competitors.

Earlier people did mention how the lack of features on the newer build Model X was stopping them from making a purchase. One Reddit user discussing his ordeal aptly captures how it was a significant concern for potential buyers.

“I have been holding off on buying my X for one simple reason….

I like the auto-present doors to work properly and open all the way. Without being too judgy of my reasons, I find the current door too heavy (long story) that the inch it opens actually makes a standard door on a Y a better fit than trying to fight with the X.”

Model X advice on USS/Auto present doors
byu/WithDisGuy_ inTeslaModelX

While some others pointed out how Tesla needs to make it fully opening to make access easier. With the latest update numerous potential buyers would be willing to make the purchase knowing they are getting everything from their Tesla Model X.

How Does It Work?

When the driver or passenger approaches the Model X with the key fob or phone key, the door can automatically open to let them in. Once inside, they can simply close the door by tapping the brake pedal.

Previously, Model X vehicles without USS (ultrasonic sensors) had a limited version of this feature, where the door would only open only a few inches. Essentially not enough to get inside.

With the 2024.20.1 update, the fully automatic door feature is back, allowing the door to open and close on its own fully. This update uses Tesla Vision, the same technology behind features like Autopark.


The reintroduction of the Model X’s power front doors with the latest  2024.20.1 update has been met with widespread approval from Tesla owners and enthusiasts. The doors now once again open and close automatically, thanks to Tesla. Restoring a beloved feature is going to put Tesla back as a favorite among many. What do you think of the feature?

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