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Tesla Gearing Up for India Launch, New Hiring to Handle Inbound, Outbound & Customs Activities

Tesla is gearing up for its much-awaited India launch. The California-based carmaker expressed its intentions to launch in India earlier this year. However, the Covid 19 pandemic slowed things down considerably. But now it seems like things have started to pick up the pace again. Tesla hired a Logistical Analyst for their operations in India recently.

Tesla hires a Logistical Analyst in preparation for its India launch

What does this mean?

A Logical Analyst typically looks after the resources used in manufacturing. This move means that Tesla is now looking into beginning with production as soon as possible. The Indian market has always been very lucrative for Tesla. Especially, since the newly released subsidies for Electric Vehicles. Indians have also shown good reception to the EVs that are available in their market right now.

Tesla is yet to properly launch in India

Why is India important for Tesla?

Tesla has been linked with an entry into the Indian market for some time now. The Indian market has long been a trial by fire for most carmakers. The price-sensitive, high-demand market makes it very difficult for manufacturers to establish themselves. Although companies like Kia and MG have managed this recently, Tesla is a different story. Tesla will be entering at a much higher price point than those companies. The incredibly price-sensitive nature makes it very difficult for most luxury carmakers to enter this market.

What will work in Tesla’s favor is the green image that it brings. It will be the only purely electric carmaking company in the market. But, the overall lack of luxury that Tesla is infamous for could become quite costly. The Indian market, particularly in the luxury segment, rarely deviates from the German carmakers. Thus it will be an uphill battle for Tesla from the beginning. What will be interesting is the reception that Tesla receives. If it is able to get off to a good start, it can potentially shake things up.

While Tesla is yet to officially launch in India, the launch is a highly anticipated event. Tesla will be the first big EV maker to enter the Indian market. If it is able to establish itself in the Indian market, it will prove that the country is now ready for EVs and that the customers are adapting to the new trend in the automobile industry.

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