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Tesla Denies Resale of Cybertruck That’s Too Large for Owner’s Parking Spot

Tesla’s Cybertruck is an extreme choice among EV pickup buyers across the globe but for Blaine Raddon, owning one has become a frustrating experience. Raddon, ordered the Cybertruck while vacationing in Bali with his wife and found out later that it was too large for his parking space.

Super excited after the Cybertruck launch, Raddon didn’t waste any time to pre-order it. Finally, after receiving the truck only a few weeks ago, he got to know the real struggle of owning the Cybertruck.

Raddon reached out to Tesla, hoping the automaker buy back the Cybertruck or allow him to resell it to someone else. Unfortunately, Tesla refused his request as their policy doesn’t allow for buybacks or facilitate resales. The ordeal has left Raddon stuck with a vehicle he can’t practically use as he intended.

Here’s what all happened.

Tesla Denies Resale of Cybertruck

Tesla Denies Resale of Cybertruck That’s Too Large for Owner’s Parking Spot

Blaine Raddon got his Cybertruck delivered a few weeks ago but his excitement to own the truck was a bit short-lived. Separation from his wife made him change his house and the current place is not enough for him to park his Tesla pickup.

Sadly, the pickup truck was causing more issues for him than being of any use as he could not even get it out of his parking. Even with strong maneuvering parking and getting in and out of the pickup is a traumatic task for Raddon. He owned a few Teslas earlier but the whole situation made him get rid of the Cybertruck.

Tesla is not allowing the owners to sell the Cybertruck before a year according to their agreement. The need to ensure a new vehicle fits your living situation. The Cybertruck’s size, while great for off-road adventures, can be problematic in certain urban settings or places with limited parking like Raddon’s. He had to do something and like a good law-abiding citizen, he then chose to ask Tesla to either purchase or let him sell the truck.

Raddon tried getting in touch with Tesla to reconsider their clause but was royally denied by the automaker’s officials.

Frustrated, Raddon took to social media to voice his issue. On May 24, 2024, he tweeted,

“Tesla has refused my request to sell my recently purchased Cybertruck. They do not want to buy and have told me I can’t sell. It does not fit into the complex I live. I found that out the day I bought it back. What can I do? Not trying to make a profit @Tesla @elonmusk.”

And the tweet went viral.

Why Braddon Cannot Sell the Cybertruck?

Owners have to sign a Tesla’s Motor Vehicle Order Agreement on delivery. The specific clause limiting the buyer to not resell the Tesla vehicle for one year is the sole reason Raddon is not able to get rid of the truck. Tesla can sue the owner for up to $50,000 if the agreement is breached. Also, Tesla can refuse to sell future vehicles to a particular owner.

The agreement did not stop a bunch of Cybertruck owners from buying and reselling the Cybertruck though. Numerous auctions took place with Cybertruck resale with some even going over $250,000.

Tesla’s Take on Cybertruck Size Issue

Raddon emailed the Tesla dealership in Salt Lake City on May 22, asking to return his Cybertruck because it was too big for his new apartment parking space.

He didn’t mention his changed living situation in the email but had discussed it in person with the manager. He asked to either undo the purchase, trade it for a sedan, sell it back to Tesla, or be allowed to sell it without profit.

The manager replied on May 23, saying Raddon couldn’t sell the Cybertruck for a year as per Tesla’s policy. While exceptions can be made, they require Tesla’s approval and a written request. If approved, Tesla would buy it back at the original price, minus costs for mileage and wear.

Raddon responded with more details, explaining his move and separation from his wife. He stressed he wasn’t trying to profit and knew he would take a loss. He felt it was unfair to keep a truck that didn’t fit his new situation. Despite his appeal, he’s still waiting for a response from Tesla.


Raddon’s experience shows the problems with Tesla’s strict resale rules, especially when life changes unexpectedly. Despite his reasonable requests, he is stuck with a vehicle that doesn’t fit his unique living situation. What do you think Tesla should do in this situation? Tesla might need more flexible policies to better help customers facing unique challenges.

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