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Tesla Cybertruck’s ‘Beast Mode’ Confirmed in App Update, Can Do 0-60 in Under 3 Seconds

In a fascinating development for Tesla enthusiasts and the electric vehicle industry, a recent delve into the Tesla app’s code structure has revealed a folder named ‘Beast Mode’ under the Cybertruck directory. This discovery has sparked excitement and speculation about the advanced capabilities that Tesla might be integrating into its much-anticipated Cybertruck.

Since its unveiling, the Tesla Cybertruck has been a focal point of discussion for its unconventional design and ambitious performance goals. In a podcast with Joe Rogan, Elon Musk discussed the Cybertruck’s performance metrics, particularly its acceleration and weight, setting high expectations for the vehicle.

Tesla Cybertruck Beast Mode Confirmed

Tesla Cybertruck’s ‘Beast Mode’ Confirmed in App Update

The revelation came not through an official announcement or app interface, but through an analysis of the Tesla app’s code. Hidden within the app’s folder structure, the ‘Beast Mode’ folder under ‘Cybertruck’ suggests that Tesla is working on a special performance feature for the electric truck. This kind of discovery is particularly thrilling for tech and EV enthusiasts, as it provides a sneak peek into Tesla’s development process.

The presence of a ‘Beast Mode’ folder implies that Tesla is aiming to equip the Cybertruck with a performance mode that could significantly enhance its acceleration capabilities. If this mode allows the Cybertruck to achieve the previously stated goal of 0 to 60 mph in under 3 seconds, it would place the vehicle in a class of performance typically reserved for high-end sports cars, a remarkable achievement for a heavy-duty truck.

This feature could involve a combination of enhanced battery technology, sophisticated motor systems, and advanced software algorithms to optimize power delivery and vehicle dynamics. The result would be a truck capable of delivering unprecedented acceleration and handling, redefining the limits of electric vehicle performance. This might include customizable acceleration profiles, improved torque distribution, and dynamic handling modes that adapt to different driving conditions.

While ‘Beast Mode’ emphasizes performance, Tesla is also known for its focus on safety and efficiency. The development of this feature will likely include rigorous testing to ensure that it meets Tesla’s high safety standards. Additionally, Tesla engineers would need to balance the increased power demands of ‘Beast Mode’ with the vehicle’s overall energy efficiency and range, ensuring that performance enhancements do not significantly compromise the Cybertruck’s usability for everyday driving and long trips.

Beast Mode Visuals

Cybertruck’s Design and Performance

The Cybertruck’s weight, ranging between 6,000 to 7,000 pounds, combined with the potential ‘Beast Mode’, underscores Tesla’s commitment to merging strength with performance. This synergy of heavy-duty durability and exceptional speed is a testament to Tesla’s innovative approach to vehicle design and engineering. This weight, indicative of its robust construction and durability, complements the ‘Beast Mode’, showcasing Tesla’s ability to harmonize power and strength in its electric vehicles.

The code-based revelation of ‘Beast Mode’ is set to have a significant impact on the EV and truck markets. It challenges traditional perceptions of truck capabilities and sets a new standard for electric vehicle performance. This development could accelerate competition and innovation in the sector, attracting a diverse range of consumers interested in high-performance electric trucks.

Integrating a feature like this in a heavy-duty truck highlights the engineering challenges Tesla faces in balancing power, weight, and efficiency. Moreover, this discovery raises questions about market readiness for such high-performance features in utility vehicles. Tesla’s challenge will be to align these advanced capabilities with the practical and diverse needs of its customer base.


This confirmation of ‘Beast Mode’ in the Tesla app is more than a feature update, it’s a statement to the automotive industry. It challenges existing norms in the truck market and sets a new benchmark for performance in electric vehicles. This development is likely to spur innovation among competitors and attract a broader range of consumers to the electric truck segment.

It reinforces the notion that Tesla is not just creating another electric vehicle but is pushing the boundaries of what electric trucks can achieve. As anticipation builds, the automotive world eagerly awaits further details on how Tesla will actualize these groundbreaking features in the Cybertruck.

Saurav Revankar
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