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Real Life Detailed Overview Of GMC Hummer Electric SUV: It’s More Than You Think

General Motors has always managed to turn heads with the Hummer SUV. After all, it is a beast of a vehicle with immense amounts of power. However, with emissions regulations coming in place, GMC had to discontinue the combustion vehicle sales. Then, the American company decided to go electric, and Hummer became a reality again. Now, we have an electric pickup Hummer truck coming later this year, with an SUV to follow by 2024.

Recently, YouTuber “Supercar Blondie” got to review a pre-production version of the Hummer SUV. And thanks to her video, we have gotten to know several small gimmicks that go really well with the overall bulky build of the vehicle.

Hummer Electric SUV: An Overview

Tesla has started having electric vehicles do some funky stuff, and GMC has followed suit. The Hummer is one of the few vehicles to have a single strip of LED lamps as the headlights. But that isn’t its entire function. You can actually get to know the vehicle’s charge status, as the lamps start glowing up in the form of “bars” of a battery icon, showing how much you have charged the vehicle.

GMC Hummer Electric Battery Charge Indicator

You also get a funky roof with a total of four removable sky panels. Removing them gives the vehicle a “safari jeep”-like feel. And before you worry about storing these removable sky panels, GMC has provided ample space in the frunk. And they may also provide separate shelves in the frunk for each sky panel to ensure no two panels will clash when you’re on the road.

The interior is futuristic yet simple. The screen has a boxy look with a size of 13.4″ across. That is more or less the extent of touch-screen capabilities. There are a lot of clickable buttons, which means you don’t have to necessarily take your eyes off the road to click them. The finish of the interior panels has a bronze finish to it. And of course, there’s a large storage space between the front seats inside the console.

Performance and Other Features

Performance-wise, GMC has provided the Hummer with a launch control mode. However, they have named it “WTF mode”. And no, the WTF doesn’t stand for what you’re thinking. It means “Watts To Freedom”. You may use the other full form of WTF when you launch this vehicle because it’s an SUV weighing more than 4,000 kg (9000 pounds) and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (96.5 kph) in just over 3 seconds. There are three motors in the premium variant, with a total power capability of close to 1000 horsepower.

Of course, with a battery pack as the major source of power, the vehicle can also function as a generator. It can provide enough power to run a mini-fridge or a hairdryer. These power outlets are located below the tailgate at the back.

GMC Hummer Electric Power Outlet

There are quite a few small details. GMC wants to show that this car is out of this world. And so, they have imprinted the map of the moon on a number of locations inside the vehicle, like the insides of the doors and the base of the trunk. This map includes the Sea of Tranquility and a small footprint. There is also a thumbs-up sign located on the bottom face of the vehicle, although its intention isn’t 100% clear. And of course, to prove GMC’s American spirit, there is a hidden USA flag on the side of the car.

So, a lot of things to be excited about for this vehicle. Of course, the SUV will hit the market in 3 years’ time, while the pickup truck will come this year. You can watch the entire video here:

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