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Porsche delivered almost 4,500 Taycan electric cars in the first half of 2020

The high-end sports car manufacturer Porsche launched their first-ever EV the Taycan earlier this year, and it was met with overwhelmingly good responses. Like most of the high-end electric cars, the Taycan is mind-bogglingly quick and is one of the quickest accelerating cars sold in the market today. Taycan combines Porsche’s expertise in making some of the greatest driving machines of all time and the excellent German-built quality, this has made the Taycan an extremely popular car in the market despite its hefty price tag.

Porsche delivered almost 4,500 Taycan electric cars in the first half of 2020

Porsche delivered almost 4,500 Taycan electric cars in the first half of 2020

Taycan sales in the first half of 2020

It has been reported that the Taycan EV has achieved 4,480 sales worldwide. This constitutes almost 3.8% of Porsche’s total vehicle sales in the first half of 2020. Despite the market downturn from the ongoing crisis due to the pandemic, Porsche has shown very respectable sales numbers in the first half of this year. Porsche sold 116,964 vehicles globally, this is only a 12% drop when compared with the previous year’s data and the company’s drop in sales is low compared to the overall drop in sales in Auto Industry.

If we do an in-depth analysis of this, it can be seen that just during the second quarter of 2020 Porsche sold 3089 Taycans this means that Porsche sold almost 3/4th of the total sales of Taycans in the first half of 2020 in the second quarter. This is 4.8% of the total sales in the second quarter. The United States seems to be the most popular market for the Taycan as more than one-fifth of total sales were made in the US. Porsche sold 1039 Taycans in 2020 and an all-time sales of 1169 units. Porsche has doubled its global annual production capacity of the Taycan to 40,000 units.

Porsche’s overall sales

It is possible that the global all-time sales of the Taycan can be well over 5000 units. During the first quarter of 2020, the company reported about 350 Taycan sales (December 2019 included) from the US. In 2019 Porsche reported a record year in global sales, the company delivered 280,000 vehicles to its customers, which was 10% more than what they delivered in 2018. The highest demand was in Europe where Porsche registered 88,975 sales which were 15% more compared to 2018 figures.

The two models that contributed towards this hike in sales are the Cayenne and Macan, in this SUV crazed world, this came as no surprise. The Cayenne clocked a sales figure of 92,055 units worldwide, it is an increase of 29% year on year. This year however due to a six-week closure of Porsche’s Zuffenhausen assembly plant in Stuttgart, there is a possibility that Porsche won’t be able to deliver as many units to the customers in 2020. The US-based top executive of Porsche reportedly said that thousands of cars will not come to the US and Canada due to the closure

Automotive News reports that Taycan’s demand has far exceeded Porsche’s expectations. There is definitely a shift in car buying habits as more people are becoming environmentally conscious and prefers EVs to its internal combustion counterpart. The Taycan is Porsche’s halo car and has been received well by the public. The Taycan range starts at a price of $104,000 (US) for the 4S model and goes all the way up to an eye-watering $187,000 for the Turbo S.

Even though Porsche is keener on selling the Taycan EV in the European market due to more interested buyers and stricter emission norms mean the company will have to sell in higher numbers compared to the other markets. The demands from the US buyers really drove up Porsche’s sales in this pandemic compared to other auto manufacturers which reported a sharp dip in sales. Porsche is confident that the Taycan has the potential to sell in very high numbers in the years to come.

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