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This $102k Mercedes’ Electric Car Can Go 422 Miles On Full Charge

Electric vehicles are going to shape the future we will live in. Every electric car company is entering the electric car market. Tesla was just the beginning of the electric vehicle revolution. Audi, Volkswagen, and Mercedes have begun launching their electric vehicles.

Mercedes' Electric Car

This $102k Mercedes’ Electric Car Can Go 422 Miles On Full Charge

People know Mercedes for its luxury. While Tesla has adopted a minimalist philosophy in their vehicles, Mercedes has gone the other way. They have included every luxury they could into their new Mercedes EQS. This car is equivalent to an internal combustion engine S Class which is Mercedes’ top-of-the-line model. The company’s EQ series is all-electric. This means that Mercedes will build the cars under this label as electric vehicles from the ground up.

Under the EQ brand, Mercedes is launching a number of electric vehicles. Mercedes EQS 450+ is the company’s flagship electric vehicle. EQS is the first model to be based on modular architecture for luxury and executive class electric vehicles.

Mercedes has announced an initiative called Ambition 2039. Under this initiative, it plans to build a fully electric vehicle fleet. It plans to sell more than 50% electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids under this initiative. This pledge also includes the sustainable building of cars. Therefore, newer versions of all Mercedes vehicles will be carbon neutral.

Mercedes has already implemented this in the new EQS. This car is made from recycled plastic and yarn. In addition to this, Mercedes aims to make its entire value chain from development to production as sustainable as possible. Moreover, the cobalt content in the batteries is reduced to less than 10%.

Drag coefficient

EQS has been dubbed the most aerodynamic production car in the world. Due to this, the car has very less drag which means it can achieve higher efficiencies. The car was able to achieve the Drag coefficient of 0.200. For instance, Tesla Model S Plaid has a drag coefficient of 0.208. These aerodynamics of the car also allow it to reduce the noise levels generated from winds hitting the car.

Regenerative braking charges the vehicle when the driver applies brakes to stop the vehicle. This means that the range of the vehicle increases each time driver stops it. Mercedes calls this feature Intelligent energy recovery. This system optimizes itself according to the situation with the aid of ECO assist. It takes into account traffic conditions,  topography, weather, and many other things. In addition to this, the driver can set three energy recovery levels and the coast function via paddle shifters on the steering wheel.

EQS is the epitome of electric luxury. Mercedes has equipped it with all the amenities. It has a pristine white interior with ambient mood lighting. It has an MBUX Hyperscreen. Due to this, the driver is able to access all the functionalities of the vehicle at a touch of a button. This vehicle has more than 350 sensors. It is also fitted with intelligent navigation which shows optimum routes for the driver as well as charging stations. This navigation system also has a range of other features which make the driver experience better.

Battery Capacity & Range

Mercedes EQS has 2 models which are EQS450+ and EQS580. Both models are available in 3 styles: Executive, Premium, Pinnacle. The car starts from $103,000 and can cost as high as $150,000 with all the accessories.  The electric vehicle saloon car comes with a 329hp rear-drive powertrain (EQS 450+) or 516hp all-wheel-drive setup (EQS580 4Matic). Both the versions utilize a 107.8 kWh battery with an estimated range of 350 miles in a single charge according to the EPA. The EPA estimates the electric vehicle ranges by simulating real-world conditions in a laboratory. However, the agency doesn’t test the vehicles on actual roads. Therefore, the ranges that EPA might vary from the actual electric vehicle range.

A car range testing organization named Edmund’s tested the Mercedes EQS. Edmunds’ real-world range test involves driving an electric vehicle in its most efficient setting around a fixed loop that includes both city and highway roads. Testers drive the vehicle until its built-in range calculator shows zero miles remaining. In this test, the car outperformed its claimed EPA range by 72 miles. The car traveled 422 miles in a single charge in this test. Mercedes EQS is the longest-range electric vehicle that Edmund’s has tested. The company is yet to test the Lucid Air and Tesla Model S Plaid long-range version.

Every Tesla that Edmunds has texted has underperformed. Whereas most of the non-Tesla electric vehicle the company tested has outperformed its claimed range. Currently, Mercedes EQS is on the top of Edmunds’ electric vehicle range leaderboard. It is ahead of Tesla Model S long-range by 77 miles. The Tesla Model S sedan, the industry leader in battery range until recently, has an EPA rating of up to 405 miles. Lucid Air, the first vehicle from the startup Lucid Motors unseated the Tesla Model S. That car is rated for up to 520 miles of range. Now Mercedes-Benz is joining those vehicles at the top of the heap. With more EVs on the way, range competition will grow.

In addition to this, Mercedes EQS is equipped with top-of-the-line luxury, true to its name. The price of the car is comparable with a Tesla Model S but it is better than the Tesla in every sense. The vehicle is able to add 200 miles of charge in 15 minutes using a fast charger which makes it even more attractive to electric vehicle buyers.

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