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Man takes Tesla obsession to the next level by implanting car key into his HAND!

Imagine if you never had to worry about losing your keys or bank details. No need to carry wallets or worry about crypto details. The world would feel a lot better if that could actually happen. Right?

Brandon Dalaly has taken the concept of being keyless to a whole new level. Not only does he have a Tesla, but he unlocks his car using just his hand!

Brandon’s unique approach to unlocking his car is not only convenient, but it also provides him with added peace of mind that he never has to worry about the “keys”.

Can you envision the shocked expressions of onlookers as Brandon Dalaly effortlessly and securely pays for his grocery items with a wave of his hand? Or unlock the doors to his home without getting the keys in?

That’s precisely what he experiences every day, thanks to the contactless payment microchip injected into the back of his hand. In seconds, this innovative tech unlocks his Tesla processes payments without needing a credit card or phone – how amazing is that!

Let’s dig deeper to find out more!

Tesla Owner Can Now Unlock His EV Without A Key

Who Is Brandon Dalaly?

A video showcasing a man inserting an implant beneath his skin to bypass the need for car keys has recently become widely shared on social media. He posted a video showing the whole process on his Twitter page at @BrandonDalaly.

The man in the video, Brandon Dalaly, is a Tesla owner who chose to take futuristic car security to a whole new level. He has become the first person to use an NFC implant as an alternative way of unlocking his car.

Merging the digital and physical worlds is quickly becoming a reality—chip implants are now being actively sought out by people all over. But who is Brandon Dalaly?

He’s a tech-driven entrepreneur leading the chip implant movement and quickly becoming a popular influential figure following the viral video of his Tesla chip implant.

Brandon’s experience was quite unique and exciting – he opted to undergo a minor procedure at a local tattoo-piercing studio to have the implant inserted into his hand.

The Chip That Unlocks Tesla Without A Keycard

Brandon uses the powerful VivoKey Apex, an NFC secure element chip that enables contactless authorization with his Tesla.

The total cost for the chip came to about $300 with an additional fee of $100 for installation. He is a part of the beta tester group of the first 100 people to get a such chip implanted in their body. Brandon says,

“I’m in a beta group of around 100 people and this one can do secure transactions and java card applets. The company that put this together literally has its own app store where you can wirelessly install apps into your body with these chips. And one of the apps just happened to be a Tesla key card. So that was the first app I installed on it because I have a Tesla and now I use that as my key when my Bluetooth key fails or I don’t have my key card. You just use your hand.”

The procedure was quick and painless, and within minutes he had a working RFID chip in place of a conventional key fob or car key. To prove that it worked, he posted a video of himself unlocking his Tesla with his implant on social media.

The response to Brandon’s unique method of unlocking his car has been overwhelming, with many commenters praising him for taking security and convenience to the next level. However, others have raised concerns about the privacy of RFID implants and the potential for hacking or other malicious activities.

One Twitter user @CarolM39 said the whole story of losing the keys does not make sense saying,

“Looks like you have to pretty much rub your hand on the sensor for it to read the chip. How often do you have to lose your keys to make this worthwhile? It’s not that hard to keep track of your keys. What if you get a new car? Or park someplace with valet service? Hurt that hand?”

But he definitely wants people to know more about the chip as he says it can do a lot more than just open his Tesla. Brandon says that you can install multiple apps with various functions.

The Tesla app is one of the options and it provides easy access to any and all Teslas that use key cards for entry. With just a few clicks on your phone or device, you’ll be able to sync up with these cars in no time!

How He Unlocks His Tesla?

Brandon Dalaly is from Detroit and has embraced the modern era and bid farewell to carrying his car and house keys. He now relies on the small chip implanted in his left hand that unlocks the door of his home, and another one inside his right hand for activating his Tesla.

Brandon being a tech lover got the idea early in 2019 to try the chip to store access to his home and other details.

This remarkable chip is equipped with a brilliant green LED at the top followed by an electromagnetic copper coil in the center. This coil serves as an NFC antenna and beneath lies the actual chip.

The size of the chip is close to that of a regular paperclip but Brandon claims he doesn’t feel it under the skin. Initially, he said that he wanted to get the chip installed on the knife edge side of his hand but got it between his ring and pinkie finger instead.

Brandon Has Two Chips Not One!

Yup! He has two chips.

The chip to unlock Tesla is not the only one that Brandon has under his skin, he has another as well.

Brandon explained that the first chip is an essential aspect of his life, containing information such as his portfolio, contact card, medical records, and even a Covid vaccine card. With any cell phone, you can scan this chip to open up a portal with direct access to all the data stored inside it.

Brandon mentioned that this was his second time getting a chip. He also mentioned to me that after the installation of the chip, he could feel no pain or discomfort whatsoever.

Moreover, he even included that he did not even use anesthesia when he was getting his first chip implant.

When asked if he would consider another chip addition in the future to which he responded that he is still awaiting credit payment sync. Moreover, he mentions about one other such chip that can monitor body temperature and stuff but is not available in the US just yet.

Brandon said,
“For me, it’s something that made sense at the time. It’s kind of like a fun party trick. When you can one of my chips with your phone, it glows green underneath your skin.”

Is It Safe?

Brandon personally did the coding and programming for both chips and got them implanted by a professional for nominal charges instead of surgery.

What’s even better is that these devices are so minuscule that no medical intervention is necessary. Brandon got his inserted in a piercing salon!

Just imagine!

Brandon says he never faced any issues after the first implant but many can still have safety concerns regarding its application. The major concern of people remains about accidental tapping or hacking of these chips.

What would happen, for instance, if a nearby payment machine somehow scanned it?

Brandon made clear that there had to be a close proximity between the two devices in order for this to occur. We are talking mere millimeters here!

Is Chip Implant The Future?

Chip implants are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why. Not only do they offer convenience, security, and safety features that traditional methods can’t compete with, but they also offer a range of benefits.

With easier access to important medical data and the ability to monitor vital signs in real time, chip implants are rapidly becoming an attractive option for those hoping to stay ahead of their health. Plus, these life-saving devices keep people connected no matter what unexpected events occur.

Chip implants are becoming increasingly safe and reliable. Companies are using cutting-edge technology to ensure that the implants are secure and can be trusted with sensitive personal data.

Imagine being able to keep your precious information or the thing close to your heart safe with you always. People use these chips to store Bitcoin data or even keep voice recordings on them.

As technology advances, chip implants will become even more secure and powerful, allowing people to access a range of services without having to worry about security breaches or other issues.

The bottom line to the argument is that chip implants are the future of health and safety, providing people with access to a range of unique applications.


Tech is evolving at a rocket speed and innovations like subdermal chip implants to access a plethora of applications are plain amazing.

Instead of settling for the traditional methods, a Metro Detroit man decided to take matters into his own hands and get an implanted chip placed in his hand that could unlock his car.

Brandon managed to put everything that he needs in his daily routine life like access to his Tesla, opening his home or office, storing medical records, and emergency contacts. With just a wave of his hand, Dalaly can now unlock and start Tesla with ease!

This implanted chip is surely taking convenience to another level.

What do you think about these chips? Will you consider getting one implanted for yourself to open your Tesla? Or what would you want these chips to do for you?

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