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Kia EV6 Electric World Premiere On March 30: Futuristic Design, Spacious Interior And A New Philosophy

Kia is all set to launch its first-ever dedicated electric vehicle, the EV6, on 30th March. A few days ago, the South Korean manufacturer released some images of this new crossover electric vehicle. The vehicle is based on Hyundai’s E-GMP (Electric-Global Modular Platform), making it a direct competitor of the Ioniq 5.

Kia EV6 All-Electric SUV

Kia EV6 All-Electric SUV Design Revealed

The images show a futuristic exterior design combined with a modern and spacious interior. The most important thing, however, is the new philosophy they are following. Kia calls it “Opposites United” and it is based on five pillars of design. These pillars are ‘Bold for Nature’, ‘Joy for Reason’, ‘Power to Progress’, ‘Technology for Life’, and ‘Tension for Serenity’.

Opposites United: A Philosophy For All Future Kia Vehicles

The EV6 will be Kia’s first-ever dedicated battery electric vehicle (BEV). Of course, they had some cars like the Niro, but those cars also had gas or hybrid counterparts. EV6 is the first purely electric design. And with the first only-electric vehicle, and an electrification plan in the making, Kia has decided to follow a new philosophy.

Opposites United is based on the contrasts found in nature as well as humanity. The idea is to evoke positive forces and natural energy along with contrasting combinations of sharp design elements and shapes. This philosophy will get on paper through the exterior as well as interior design.

Bold for Nature

This design pillar is based on interaction with nature. Details, shapes and proportions in nature are incorporated into the design. Technical structures in the vehicles, as well as interior finishes, rely on this technique. On the outside also, you can see a combination of simple lines and bold surfaces.

Joy for Reason

This concentrates on the overall ambiance of the vehicle. Kia believes in fusing the rational with the emotional, which they will do by creating vehicles that influence the mood of customers. Relaxing interiors and inspiring exteriors will help them achieve this. This segment also incorporates the use of new organic materials and daring colours. Kia hopes this will express a sense of youth and playfulness.

Power to Progress

This is an important pillar of the philosophy, as it focuses on building on the current strengths of the company. Developing the skills learned throughout Kia’s design-led transformation, future designs will continue to evolve. Experience combined with creativity is an important facet of this pillar.

Technology for Life 

Of course, you cannot just stick to natural inspiration in your vehicle design. New technologies and innovations help foster positive human-machine interactions. The user experience will be completely different from what one has seen in previous Kia cars. Lighting, ambience, in-car connectivity – Kia aims at improving the entire feeling any customer will experience inside the car.

Tension for Serenity

Opposing forces and creative contrasts are at the foundation of this final pillar. Design equilibrium coming from two opposing forces is exactly what Kia is aiming to bring. It will also consist of highly technical details creating surface tension resulting into a harmonized design vision.

Exterior Design: Strong Representation of ‘Power to Progress’

Karim Habib, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Design Center, says that he wants the future generation of Kia vehicles to improve the daily life of customers. He wants their products to deliver an instinctive and natural experience.

Our aim is to design the physical experience of our brand and to create original, inventive, and exciting electric vehicles. The ideas of our designers and the purpose of the brand are becoming more connected than ever, with our customers at the center of what we do and influencing every decision that we make.

‘Power to Progress’ is very evidently visible in the exterior design of the EV6. The evolution of the previous design strengths is evident, investigating the future and beyond. The daytime running lights display a sleek, modern appearance. The design of the lamps also includes a ‘sequential’ dynamic light pattern. Below this, a low air intake visually widens the front of the car, accentuating its high-tech image. As part of the optimization of airflow from the front, the air is channelled through and under the car’s flat floor for optimum aerodynamics.

Kia EV6 All-Electric SUV Back

The side profile boasts of a crossover-like shape, but you can see sharp lines creating a sense of design tension. The character line running at the bottom curves upward, further accentuating the profile of the car.

Interior Design: Modern and Spacious; Simple, yet Exciting

The use of Hyundai’s E-GMP means that the EV6 gets a spacious feel inside. A wide curved screen and slim dashboard are simple, yet propagate the “Technology for Life” philosophy. A minimal number of physical buttons prevents any hassles, and the immersive experience is completed by the screen. The dashboard also slopes towards the front of the car, giving a feeling of openness. Finally, the seats are slim, lightweight and modern in look, and ‘Bold for Nature’ is evident in the fabrics.

Kia EV6 All-Electric SUV Interior

Our Opinion

Performance figures of the EV6 are unknown yet, but they will most probably be comparable with the Ioniq 5. The price is also expected to be in a similar range as the Ioniq 5, which is estimated to be priced at around $45,000. This puts the EV6 directly in competition with VW ID.4, Ford Mustang Mach-E and Tesla Model Y. Of course, for now, we have to wait until 30th March for more details on the EV6, which will be the first of 11 electric vehicles to come from Kia by 2026.

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