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New Tesla Owners get a Bonus Gift, Free FSD for 3 Months for Cars Delivered on the Last 3 Days of 2020

Tesla owners receive a lot of bonus gifts from time to time. The latest one is a free 3-month subscription to the FSD beta. This is a $10,000 option usually, but for the cars that are delivered on the last 3 days of 2020, it will be free. Tesla plans to release FSD in “early 2021”. This could well mean that new owners could use the beta for free and directly get FSD.

New Tesla Owners get a Bonus Gift, Free FSD for 3 Months for Cars Delivered on the Last 3 Days of 2020

To be eligible for this offer, the entire delivery and documentation process must be over by midnight on 31st. However, there isn’t any official word apart from Elon’s tweet. There is no information regarding this offer on Tesla’s website. There hasn’t been any press release about this either. But, this is an offer that will reach plenty of customers.

In Q3 in 2020 Tesla sold 139,300 cars. That means they sold around 1,550 cars per day. So on average, Tesla sold 4,650 cars in 3 days. If we consider that there will be more car sales due to the holiday season, that means around 5,000 vehicles will receive this bonus.

What is FSD?

FSD (Full Self Driving) is the farthest step that Tesla has taken towards a fully autonomous vehicle. While the Autopilot feature allows the car to accelerate, brake and, change lanes, FSD allows the car to park itself and can detect stop signs and traffic lights. The name suggests that the car can drive itself but that is not true. FSD is still at Level 2 out of 5 in the Autonomous Driving Levels. This means that the car still requires the driver to place their hands on the steering wheel at all times. Although this isn’t exactly “autonomous driving”, it is still much more than what other car manufacturers offer.

Right now all Tesla cars have the Autopilot feature in them. FSD is a $10,000 option for the owners who want to be a part of the beta testing program. Elon has previously said that FSD will be available to owners in early 2021. While there have been talks about self-driving cars for a long time now, FSD is still in its nascent stage. When FSD is launched, it will probably be available as a paid subscription to all owners. However, there are no reports regarding the costs.

This announcement by Elon shows that Tesla is working hard to make sure that they stay ahead of the curve. Even though the rest of the EV market isn’t close to Tesla, there have been many questions asked about Tesla cars and their issues. This might just be a way to keep the customers happy.

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