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“F**k Elon” Scrawled Across Dozens of Tesla Cybertrucks in Florida

In a shocking incident, over two dozen Tesla Cybertrucks were vandalized in a Florida parking lot. All of these EV trucks had the phrase “F**k Elon” across their hoods and doors.

The video soon went viral but the motive behind this brazen act remains unclear, leaving authorities and people speculating.

The Cybertrucks, part of a freshly leased fleet awaiting delivery near Miami, now will require extensive repairs. This act of vandalism further fuels the already polarized opinions surrounding Elon Musk and how he carries Tesla’s business.

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Fk Elon Tesla Cybertrucks Florida

Cybertruck Gets A Makeover

Social media saw a buzzing afternoon this Friday when videos of defaced Cybertruck emerged on social media on Instagram. The footage, captured in a lot in Fort Lauderdale, revealed 50 Cybertrucks parked in a lot and at least 26 had the offensive Elon hating graffiti.

“Only in DADE” shared the video on Instagram where you can easily spot all the Cybertruck with graffiti. One of these videos even showed the phrase scrawled across the door of another vehicle.


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Currently, there’s no information on what could be the potential motive or what all the police have uncovered till now. As usual, Tesla has not made any official comment on the act or explained how they plan to address the damages.

Some social media users have even joked that these vandalized Cybertrucks could be sold as “special edition” models, which seems almost plausible given Musk’s unpredictable business tactics.

Another user joked about how Tesla doesn’t need to worry about it and they can just pressure wash the graffiti. While some even praised the act saying they would want one like that as well.

Sentry Mode Will Reveal The Culprits?

One intriguing aspect of this vandalism is Tesla’s Sentry Mode, an in-built security feature of Tesla equipped with cameras. If they are activated, Sentry Mode could have captured the vandals in action from all possible angles which could give valuable evidence for the investigation.

As of now, the investigation is said to be in its early stages, with law enforcement seeking clues and gathering available footage.

Why There Are Such Hate Tesla/Elon Incidents?

One Reddit user called the act to be right saying these trucks were not vandalized but accessorised. The hate is such that many would approve of similar acts of hate towards Tesla.

byu/pabskamai from discussion

Another user commented that the quality of the steel is not at par and remarked how only the areas with spray paint would be left without rust after Florida rains.

byu/pabskamai from discussion

This incident again highlights the intense emotions and divided opinions of people surrounding Tesla and its quirky but controversial CEO. Whether driven by s group’s or personal vendetta, general dislike for Musk, or opposition to Tesla’s rising popularity, this act of vandalism has certainly left its mark.

Quite literally on the future of Tesla’s EVs.


People have debating views on such incidents relating to Tesla and social media is full of comments praising and calling out the act. It would be interesting to see how Tesla would react to the act. What do you think of the graffiti?

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