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402 BHP Entry-Level Variant Launched for Porsche Taycan, Starts At $79,000

Porsche had launched its first all-electric car in the form of the Taycan. Porsche launched the Taycan with three variants, the 4S, Turbo, and Turbo S. While the Turbo and Turbo are expected to challenge supercar-level combustion vehicles, the 4S combines performance with comfort. It is cheaper too. Now, Porsche has launched an even cheaper variant of the Taycan, one that can challenge Porsche’s biggest rival currently, the Model S.

The base variant of the Taycan may not be able to challenge the Model S in terms of specs maybe, but it sure will draw some customers away from a financial perspective. This entry-level variant will be available in the United States by spring 2021.

Porsche Taycan

The base variant of the Taycan will have a rear-wheel-drive transmission. The removal of the front motor shaves 90 kg off the total weight of the vehicle. Of course, this means that it is less powerful than the other three, but in all other respects, it is the same.

It will feature a 79.2 kWh battery pack, which is capable of providing 402 bhp and 345 Nm of torque. This variant is capable of completing the quarter-mile in 13.7 seconds, which is decent enough for its price tag. It has a top speed of 143 mph (230 kph) and DC fast charging up to 225 kW.

The new Taycan will be priced from $79,990, and this will reduce after deducting federal tax credit. The comparison between the new variant with the initial three is given below:



Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph (96.5 kph)


Range Price


Base 5.1 sec Yet to be announced $79,990
4S 3.8 sec 327 km $105,150
Turbo 3.0 sec 381-450 km $152,250
Turbo S 2.6 sec 388-412 km $186,350

The Performance Battery Plus is a slightly more exciting battery option that Porsche provides. Its battery capacity is 14 kWh more, and this gives it 67 bhp and 12 Nm of torque more. This option improves the quarter-mile timing by 0.2 seconds, but the remaining performance specs are more or less the same.

The Gap between the Base Model and 4S

Although Porsche has talked about rivalling the Tesla Model S in the luxury electric sedan segment, their cheapest variant until now was the 4S. It costs around $103,800. In comparison, the cheapest variant of the Model S, the Long Range Plus, costs just $70,620. Even the sporty Performance variant costs lesser than the 4S.

However, by bringing a base model to the market, Porsche now has a relatively cheaper car to pit against the Model S. Granted, it is nowhere close in specs to the Tesla, but it still is an improvement.

Things We Know About the Base Model… And Things We Don’t

Porsche has said that the EPA range test is still in process. The official range figures will be available by spring. The base model does have the same battery capacity as the 4S but is much lighter too.

What we do know, is the base model will feature the standard 19″ Aero wheels. The Porsche Active Suspension Management is also a standard feature and will be included. This function serves to adjust the dampers to suit the ride from soft for comfortable highway cruising to stiff for the track or mountain road. For maximum flexibility, the suspension setting can be controlled independently via the touch screen or dash button or together with powertrain calibration via the touch screen or optional steering wheel-mounted mode dial. Adaptive air suspension can be ordered as an option.

According to Porsche, this base model of the Taycan is the most powerful standard variant that they have ever made.

“Even in the rear-wheel-drive layout, the Taycan still expresses all the performance attributes of its more powerful siblings. With a coefficient of drag of just 0.24, it remains the most aerodynamically efficient production Porsche (when equipped with the optional air suspension the figure drops to 0.22). The low-slung battery gives the Taycan the lowest center of gravity of any road-legal Porsche.”

Our Opinion

The Taycan has launched as a European competitor for Tesla. While it does provide impressive specs, the Model S beats it comfortably as a whole package. Tesla’s premium sedan has slightly better performance, impressive range and charging support, and all that comes at a very low price. The Model S also gives a lot more features, combined with a robust autonomous system as well.

In comparison, the Taycan seems sporty but over-priced for the number of miles you can get. But with this new base variant, they are trying to sway some of the markets, it seems. Of course, you cannot expect a customer to buy a base-variant Porsche with half the range and acceleration as a Tesla for the same price. But there are some anti-Tesla people who wouldn’t mind getting a Porsche under $80,000. For now, Porsche can compete with the Model S, but only from a financial standpoint.

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