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Elon Wants US to Increase Oil & Gas Production, Here’s Why

The Russia-Ukraine war is bringing about a lot of change. The sanctions imposed on Russia will have a major effect on the world. Russia exports 5 million barrels of crude oil in a day. It is the world’s third-largest producer of oil. It is also the world’s largest exporter of oil. All in all, it is safe to say that Russia plays an important role in the oil and gas industry around the world. The freshly imposed sanctions on the country mean that this export will reduce drastically.

Elon Musk calls for increased output of oil and gas following the Russia-Ukraine war.

With oil still being the most important source of energy for most countries in the world, this deficit needs to be filled through other means.

Elon’s statement

Elon’s activity with respect to the Russia-Ukraine war is quite high. SpaceX set up Starlink in Russia following a request made to Elon. He followed it up by tweeting about the need to increase oil and gas production.

For a person well known for sticking to his principles, this is a welcome bit of pragmatism from Elon. Not only is it welcome, but it is also refreshing to know that in case of a crisis, Elon is willing to do what it takes instead of trying to push his own agenda.

Are Petrol Teslas incoming?

In short, no. Elon isn’t advocating the use of oil and gas power. He further tweeted explaining the reasoning behind this.

Elon doesn’t want oil and gas production for any personal gains. It is simply the fastest way to impose sanctions on Russia with the utmost strictness. In a situation where there isn’t an alternative to Russia’s oil supply, there won’t be the same gravity to the sanctions imposed. If the entire European continent depends on Russia for oil and gas, they won’t be able to “punish” Russia for its actions.


It is fairly obvious that Elon still prefers the use of renewable sources of energy. He made it clear in his tweet that it is important to ensure that the deficit is met in the fastest way possible. And the fastest way to meet the deficit is to increase the production of oil and gas. This will allow the swift imposition of economic sanctions on Russia. Although these economic sanctions might not stop the war, it is the safest way for the rest of the world to respond to the unprovoked violence that Russia has initiated on Ukraine. This is a classic example of doing what is best in a bad situation to ensure that it doesn’t become worse. Elon has displayed remarkable maturity in this whole situation and seems interested in putting the greater good ahead of his own personal benefits.

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