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Elon Musk gives free power liftgate upgrade for wheelchair-bound Tesla Model 3 owner

This is a story of a Tesla Model 3 customer which is posted by the Tesla China Twitter account. The customer wrote that the Model 3 had been his dream car since April 2016, when he placed a reservation for the all-electric sedan. Unfortunately, in 2018, he met an accident, resulting in a spinal injury.

The Model 3 customer lost his ability to use his legs after the accident so EV enthusiast decided to cancel his Model 3 order. After returning to the job after the accident, he realised that he can still work using his wheelchair. He applied for a C5 license in China, which is used by individuals with special needs. The Model 3 customer successfully received his C5 license in 2019.

Unfortunately, the imported Model 3 was out of his price range then. Later, Gigafactory Shanghai had started producing Model 3 in China at the time, and it was available for a reasonable price. He bought a Long Range RWD variant of the Tesla Model 3.

His order was now on the way, the Model 3 customer asked the Tesla if it could make features like Smart Summon standard in its vehicles in the future. Such features, after all, may seem like party tricks to the layman, but they are life-changing for individuals with mobility issues. He also asked if Tesla could install a power liftgate for the frunk and trunk since closing the frunk and trunk are very difficult for a wheelchair-bound person.

This tweet reaches to Elon and he responded to the Model 3 customer ’s request, stating that Tesla would be adding a power liftgate at no additional cost. It is a small yet good gesture from Elon. The upgrade will cost Tesla a bit more to produce the vehicle, after all, but it would mean a big difference for the Model 3 customer.

Saurav Revankar
Saurav Revankar
Saurav is a distinguished expert in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, known for his in-depth knowledge and passion for sustainable technology. With a particular focus on Tesla, he provides insightful analysis and comprehensive reviews that make complex EV topics accessible and engaging.


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